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Google product category problem

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I published around 16k itema to google shopping today.  14k came back as published but with a warning.  They said I ledt the google product category blank but i didnt and the category number is even listed in the items.  Does it have to be the words? Cant you use the category numbers?

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Re: Google product category problem

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there should be no issue with submitting proper numeric-ids
for a google_product_category value -- words are not required.

for such errors, check other attributes that might be interfering
with processing -- such as description values that are split on
multiple lines or contain html, stray spaces, or any quotes --
by viewing the file within a browser before uploading or using
the feed debugger within the merchant-center-account.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
we can mainly offer suggestions based on the information posted here within
the public forums; for example, posting a public url link to the exact data (feed)
being uploaded and a screen-capture of the exact error page, may help

otherwise, a merchant-center support-specialist may be contacted directly.

Re: Google product category problem

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Generally if there is an issue I'd try with a small sample set and make a couple of adjustments where you think there may be an issue.
Easier to test with a small sample than 14k.
Otherwise if your sample troubleshooting does not get you an answer then go directly to Merchant Centre Support as suggested in the other reply post.

Re: Google product category problem

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I have a ton of questions regarding google shopping. I haven't found where I can chat with a google rep though. With shopify, I can just ask open a chat. Is this an option for google? Could one of you help me?

Re: Google product category problem

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Hi Dan
That woudl be great - may pay to find a local agency/freelancer who specialise in this - I am NZ based and we do not have expert knowledge in this area of PPC so unfortunately I cannot help you further.

Re: Google product category problem

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for third-party implementations the best likely
course is to continue working directly with the
third-party support organization directly --
such as shopify support:


general peer-to-peer questions or questions with supportive

details that others might be able clarify, may be asked here

within the community help-forum.

for issues related directly to the merchant-center
or product-listing-ads, a support specialist may be
contacted directly via phone, chat, or email, and in
certain locales via video chat; be certain to indicate
the appropriate location, time-zone, and language.
when contacting google be certain to indicate that the
issue relates to product-listing-ads or merchant-center
for shopping-campaigns.


fee-based third-party agency partner support is entirely separate --