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Google merchant product showing "Shopping: Disapproved or invalid"

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I have uploaded my products using shopify google shopping App before 2 days.


All the products are synced successfully into google merchant. Also price updates are working perfectly.


But all the products are showing " Disapproved or invalid". 



Re: Google merchant product showing "Shopping: Disapproved or in

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Dissaproval has and always will be a complicated issue for forum members to assist with simply due to the lack of ability to look into the account in question. As such, it is always best to try to resolve the case with Google directly. That being said, are there any errors being displayed in your account?

Without seeing the feed or having the website domain registered with the data feed we would be unable to offer even that of a suggestion.

Disapproval can relate to your Datafeed, website or both. 


You can contact Google Here -