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Google is seeing more products than are actually on the URL

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So, I have a limited URL, below, which displays only the first 2 parent products on our website:

However when I submit this to Google Shopping, it returns with between 900 and 1200 products from that same URL.

If I submit the feed un-limited (i.e. every product in one file), it times out, but again returns with between 900 and 1200 products - so it is as if Google is seeing the unlimited file (which is ) every time.

Any ideas on what is going on here?

I want to split the files into 100 products at a time to ensure there is no timing out, as it seems I cannot submit the entire feed in one go as it hits memory limits on our server.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Google is seeing more products than are actually on the URL

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the best likely course would be to contact woo-commerce-support directly
or contact whoever is supporting the specific plug-in that is being used.


generally, only one, single, feed should be used for all inventory --

up to about 100000 inventory items or so; limited to those inventory

items that are wanted as shopping-ads.


trying to juggle nearly a dozen separate feeds is rather impractical;

since all  feeds would need to be re-submitted at least monthly and

carefully coordinated with any change on the website or to physical

on-hand inventory and then immediacy resubmitted -- which would

likely work practically only if the details were highly automated.


the timeout issue may require saving the file to a different faster,
higher performing network/server before being submitted to google,
or tuning the current server/network/plugin details -- some of which
may need to be re-tuned over time, handled by someone who is

familiar with the server or plugin/code, or automated in some way.


or, there may be a simple setting or programmatic change within

woo-commerce that fixes the issue -- contacting woo-commerce

support directly, or whoever is supporting the current plug-in that

is submitting the data to google, and also possibly asking whoever
is hosting the website, is likely best.


Re: Google is seeing more products than are actually on the URL

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Please only do the below if you know a little about php scripts and or php.ini


Timeout issue can be resolved by extending the php time limit in your ini file or php,


If you know PHP, than add this to the first line script (the number is in seconds)


ini_set('max_execution_time', 300);

Or in php.ini search for max_execution_time

max_execution_time = 300


But I recommend as @Celebird said to contact the developer, however most likely he will be going to say what I mentioned above.


hope it helps.

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