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Google is mixing up images, titles, prices from my different products

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Just doing a little research on Google Shopping and typing in some product searches I've come across some issues with Google results.

We use some standard products then 'dress up' the product to create a new product that is unique to us, i.e. in a doctor outfit, or with a bandage and neck ribbon with message, or a university gown and cap, or a valentines outfit etc etc

Now, when we catalogue the product it still has the main manufacturer/brand and manufacturer product code. So these are uploaded in the Google Shopping feed.

I'm sure it wasn't an issue before with PLAs - may be wrong - but what is now happening is that if I search for GET WELL WIDGET Google displays our result title, but shows the default product image, i.e. the one that everyone else sells without the outfit. Our price can be any one of a number of prices we use for the WIDGET in different outfits - thus often resulting in a wrong price. The description can be from another WIDGET - again from the same base product but used for a different outfit.

You get the idea. Someone is searching for example GET WELL WIDGET and is being shown an entirely different result. One that should be unique but instead has half a dozen competitors all actually offering the default item only, mostly if not all cheaper because they haven't added any thing to it.

A disaster!

Do I stop uploading product codes? What should I do? This is quite serious for us, as these differentiated products tend to bring in a lot of sales given that they are unique.

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Re: Google is mixing up images, titles, prices from my different produ

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(1) any altered product is no longer a product from the
manufacturer -- so can no longer use global-trade-data.

global-trade-data (mpn, brand, gtin) is global data
used by all merchants selling the same item and
must be assigned by the manufacturer to the exact
item being submitted and sold.

(a) for any altered product, the item must be submitted separately
with mpn, brand, and gtin values left empty (entirely blank) and an
identifier_exists value of FALSE

(b) if the main item is merely bundled together with additional products
then the item-offer must be submitted with an is_bundle value of TRUE
and the global-trade-data of the main product (identifier_exists TRUE).

(2) be certain that the submitted item has a matching
landing-page and matching image of the altered product.

(3) be certain the item has been assigned a bid within adwords and
is not (self) competing with the same item in separate campaigns.

otherwise, the results are based on the bid and quality factors --
submitting incorrect global_trade_data would most certainly be
one major (negative) quality factor.

otherwise, much more exact information may help
us offer more exact suggestions or possibilities --
such as the exact search-terms being used, exact urls,
exact feed data submitted, and some campaign details.

otherwise, there is a feedback-form near the bottom of most
all search-results pages to offer feedback directly to google.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly so that
a person can look directly into the feed and accounts.

Re: Google is mixing up images, titles, prices from my different produ

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Thanks for the info. I shall re-work the data titles/product codes etc as suggested.

The landing page, image, and product description are all fine - if I remove/change as suggested it should all sort out. I will report back in a few days once everything has processed through the system.

Re: Google is mixing up images, titles, prices from my different produ

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first, you're welcome.

generally, the title and data submitted should match
the title and data on the landing-page -- so, be certain
to update the landing-page immediately before the feed
is resubmitted, if any (visible) data is being re-worked.


the landing-page contains many quality signals --

both related and unrelated to the submitted data.