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Google complains about pricing of new and non-new products

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We have for some products, both new and non-new(i.e., used) options available. We have same landing page for both and do not have different URLs for them. Once the user lands on the page, he can switch choose new or non-new from a drop down box. When we submit the feeds to google, we submit different feeds for new and non-new, but both have the same product URL. Google complains that there is a pricing difference for the old products as they do not match the price in landing page which by default points to new. How can we avoid this? Do we need to have seperate URLs for each product? Can we suggest google to look for the non-new product in the landing page through any other means? Our account is currently suspended for this reason. Any help will be very useful for us to quickly over come this.

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Re: Google complains about pricing of new and non-new products

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there are three likely choices to remove the suspension:

either (1) submit only the default item on the landing-page -- not both;

or (2) create two url's on the site that show each item independently --

typical implementation methods include separate or dynamic pages

that pre-selects the exact (new or used) product for the user; e.g.

or (3) do not submit the item at all -- remove all such items from the feed.


simply decide which choice is best for your current circumstances, change the website or

submitted data, or both, resubmit the data (feed), and then contact google for a review.


the data (feed) submitted to google, the website (link landing-pages),

and physical (on-hand inventory) reality, must all match, at all times --

or is otherwise grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.