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Reply showing French results; I'm in France but want UK results

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I am in France for work and regularly use Google Shopping to find products I need to order in the UK. I have been using for this for years and it always showed me results as if I am in the UK, with prices in GBP.

But now it's not working, instead this same page is showing me results in French and in €. I've tried logging in and logging out, but it doesn't change anything. I've also tried in IE and Firefox, but it's the same.

How can I force google search to search as if I am in another location from the one I am actually in?


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yes -- currently, if a merchant is not targeting a user's country or locale, then
google may no longer show shopping-ads, regardless of which google top-level
domain is being used.

shopping-ad search-results that are nearly identical for a user, without regard
to the google/shopping domain being used, has been slowly rolling-out over
the last several weeks or so, over multiple target-countries -- likely based
on google's data-center activity, google's internal business decisions, or a

similar set of factors; the action looks to be quite intentional rather than any

issue that is scheduled to be fixed although, google frequently experiments

with ads and related ad results.


currently, google offers no direct method to change a user's location,

nor any way to force google-search to search as if in another locale;

for some local-shopping searches adding a nearby city,state,country

search-term may help to change local-shopping results -- but will not

change a user's location settings.

see also