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Google Shopping

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We moved from ASPDotnetStorefront to SuiteCommerce Advanced webstore.

I have purged all our products from the Google Merchant Center.

I am testing one product that seems to be having an issue with the image. I have checked the image link and the image URL is working and available ( The size is within the policy and our front-end developer has confirmed that the website is crawlable. I have also tried resubmitting the product feed. One characteristic of this product is that there is only one size available.

I also notice that the created date is January 17, 2017. I have already purged all products from the list before submitting one for testing. The date of submission is February 22, 2017.


I have submitted another product and it appears that there is no problem on the image link. The status of the image is "The image has not been crawled yet." The create date is Feb 10, 2017. The submission date is Feb 22, 2017.


Should I wait overnight or 3 days after purging before submitting a feed?


Thank you in advance.

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Google Shopping

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wait 3-business-days.


also, be certain that there is only one active feed

registered and the id never changes for any item.


also, verify the item_group_id is entirely blank (empty) for this item

and the link landing-page exactly matches what is being submitted --

all other items in a variant-group must have proper, identical, item_group_id


otherwise, try changing the name of the image file,

resubmitting the feed, and waiting 3-business-days.


otherwise, contact google.



Google Shopping

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Thank you for your reply.


I will wait 3 business days before trying a different item. I believe we are using variant-group, so we have the same item_group_id for each group.


I will not be able to change the name of the image file as this follows rules from our ERP and storefront setup.


One thing I noticed is that another variant-group seems to get approved but it has a different size than that of the rejected image link. The approved image has a bigger size and pixel than the disapproved image. It is puzzling though if that is the case because the previous storefront is only using a smaller size than the rejected image.

Re: Google Shopping

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first, you're welcome.

be certain to reuse the same registered-feed for any and all submits/resubmits.

if after three-days the image is still not re-crawled, the image_link name may
be changed while keeping the file-name, by adding a random url-parameter --

generally, the size of an image matters in two cases --

(a) an image is too big or some set of images are too big, such that the
server cannot keep pace with all google's crawl requests, at all times;

(b) an image is too small and violates google's policies.

for (a) try resizing the size to something around 300x300 pixels or so --
even if other larger images are currently being crawled successfully; then,

change the file-name or add a url-parameter and resubmit the data (feed).

for (b) use another photograph of the product in a larger size;
again, around 300x300 pixels or so -- is usually both large enough
for google's policies, yet small enough for most servers to keep

pace with all google's re-crawl requests.

note that this is true for both image_link and additional_image_link images --
especially if inventory is large, or there are many additional images submitted,
or the inventory (feed) data is resubmitted too frequently -- with respect to the

available server and network resources at the time of the crawl.