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Google Shopping w/ Size Based Products?

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Our products are size based. People find our products wither by searching by "size + keyword" or "size + brand", but mostly (size + keyword)

In Google shopping, how do we get our size specific products to only show up for size specific searches? 


Also, should we not send all our products? For instance, we might have 20 different products in that size, so those are competing against each other, right?

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Google Shopping w/ Size Based Products?

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items show based on quality factors and the bid --
most quality factors are determined by submitted data,
but also includes many other factors such as reviews.

to help items show up for (size) specific searches be certain that the
(size) information is included within the title and the size attribute --

related physical details may also be included in the description.

to help avoid variant items competing against themselves be certain
that a proper, identical, item_group_id is submitted for all items
within each variant-group and only submit variants that fit the

overall advertising goals.

also, consider using negative-words to prevent irrelevant searches --
inspect the search-term details under the dimensions-tab for ideas.

shopping-ads do not use keywords.

Google Shopping w/ Size Based Products?

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First make sure the keyword size is in the title and the attribute size


Second create two PLA campaigns


First campaign with priority settings set to high and a negative keyword of all sizes and set the bidding to $0.01

Second campaign with priority settings set to medium


Now all keywords related to the sizes that where added as a negative keyword in the other campaign will end up in the second campaign. Here you can than bid your actual products.


Hope it helps.

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