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Google Shopping shipping question. How does Etsy avoid shipping?

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I'm new to Google Shopping and am working with a campaign at work that is getting decent results. For shipping we use carrier calculated shipping. When a person finds us on Google Shopping it shows the price plus shipping. I noticed that Etsy listings don't list any shipping. How do they get away with that? I thought Google required items to include shipping cost on a product feed. When you look at listings and see all the Etsy items, they appear to cost less since no shipping is listed. Is it possible to NOT list the shipping on products in your Product Feed?



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Google Shopping shipping question. How does Etsy avoid shipping?

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google decides when to display shipping information

for a shopping-ad depending on a variety of factors --

there is no way to tell simply by searching if a merchant

has submitted or configured proper shipping.


at one time, the google-shopping-search api did allow merchants

to verify other merchant's shipping and other attribute details --

however, google has long since retired this service.


potential policy violations by others may be reported directly to google --

be certain to include the exact google-provided aclk ad-click url that

points to the specific retailer/seller's landing-page -- without a proper

aclk contained in the url google may not be able to investigate the issue.


see also