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Google Shopping issues

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Hi All,

I have a few questions regarding the Shopping Campaigns and products, i hope someone can offer a little advice.

I have a fairly new store with Shopify ( The Pet Vault ) which i have the Google Shopping app for, this collects all my products and feeds this to the Merchant Centre nicely for me, once i got all my Adwords set up, everything worked just fine, within minutes of my products being approved i could see them in searches for the keywords with no problem.


Now a little further down the line, my best selling product (Ruffwear front range harness) has been redesigned and now has a 2017 design with new colours etc, so once i had purchased more, i created a product just like before and sent it off to the merchant centre and this was approved, but no impressions or clicks! 


The problem is i still have some stock of the old original product so now i had two products, 1: title= Ruffwear front range harness (original)  and 2: title= Ruffwear front range harness 2017 (redesigned/new colours)

Obviously to avoid having completely duplicate products the description was rewritten to make it unique and slightly different from the original product, the pictures are different, all the barcodes, microdata etc is correct for both, but still no impressions for the new product, so in a test i then put the bid down as low as possible on the original and the bid on the new product up very high, yet still no impressions!


Out of frustration, i have been altering various things, and now i have completely deleted the new 2017 product and renamed the orignal one 2016, then recreated the new 2017 with the original name (ruffwear front range harness) 

Finally at last i am now getting some impressions and a few clicks for the new 2017 product, but no where near what i had before for the original product, and more importantly, hardly any impressions for the targeted keyword which is actually the product title, i am getting impressions for slight variations of the intended keyword, things such as "front range ruffwear" or " ruffwear front" etc

So here is my few questions i hope you can help with...


Firstly can anyone suggest what i should of done in that situation with a new product similar to an existing one, and why does the new product hardly show for the keyword which is the title? If i completely copied the original product title and description so the only difference from the original would be the barcodes and images, surely i should expect a similar quality score/impressions?


If i have two products with the same or virtually the same title/targeted keyword how does google shopping handle this, will the one with the higher quality score always rank higher regardless of bid?  So when i finally sell all of the old product and delete it from the feed, will the new product improve impressions?


Will google show more than one product from a single seller if those products out rank other sellers? or will google only display a limited number from one seller for each search?


How does Shopping handle duplicate content for products, i am interested in creating a feed which uses the data for the variants of each product, so although the barcode, images and titles would be different the descriptions would be the same, is this a good or bad idea, will it generally improve results due to more specific searches such as those including size or colours, or am i best to stick with one product which contains variants rather than a product for each variant?


I hope that all makes sense, sorry it's so long winded.

Any help is most appreciated Smiley Happy


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Google Shopping issues

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When submitting to identical products, in other words the title, Google will only show 1 product. This to avoid any unfair advantage for 1 merchant. It is possible to have more than 1 listed in the same search results, but these are limited.


I recommend removing the new product, to continue selling your old product.


The product with the best results will be shown based on Google's algorithm


Hope it helps.

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