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Google Shopping in Puerto Rico with a Puerto Rican based Store

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Hello all,

We have a simple question about the availability of Google Shopping in Puerto Rico.
We would like to know if it is possible to run shopping ads from a client that has a physical address located in Puerto Rico, but on the US Shopping network (selecting United States as the country for the feed in the Google Merchant Center).
Google Shopping US:
- Products must be listed in English.
- Product landing pages must be in English.
- Product prices must be listed in US dollars (USD).  - are the requirements for Shopping
As far as we can tell, the requirements for Google Shopping in the United States are met by our store in Puerto Rico, but within the Google Merchant Center we are unable to set Tax for Puerto Rico (as only States are available) so we selected "Not charging Tax in the United States."  Unfortunately, we are not able to add shipping rates for our relevant targeted countries with the exception of the USA.
However, our feeds are submitted in English, the website is in English, and the feed and site charge customers in USD as it is Puerto Rico's official currency, which meets all of Google's Merchant Center requirements. - our client's website
We are currently in the review process, but I thought I would post my question now.  My main concern is that our store will not pass the approval process due to not having Tax rates entered.
Any thoughts or suggestions?
Robert Dorsey II
SimplePart SEM Strategist


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Re: Google Shopping in Puerto Rico with a Puerto Rican based Store

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(1) yes; if all rules and requirements for the language and currency --
both within the submitted (feed) data and on the website are met --
and all the other rules, policies, and requirements for the physical
item supply-chain, physical delivery, on the website, for all submitted
images, and within the submitted data (feed) and account, are met for
the target-country, there is no issue with respect to where a company
is physically located.

for example, the return and refund policies and a physical address
and phone number must be clear and conspicuous on the website.

the registered feed's target-country determines the rules --
not where the company is physically located or registered.

(2) for a u.s. registered feed, tax and shipping are required --

either set within the account or as a per-item override in the

submitted (feed) data -- even if the values are zero.

shipping and tax are from the perspective of the target-country
and what a person within the target-country will be charged --
not with respect to where the company is physically located.


all items submitted as in stock must be kept physically in stock

inventory by the merchant and must be deliverable in a timely

manner to users within the (registered feed's)  target-country.

see also