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Google Shopping - how to get product type to show

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Hi everyone


On the Shopping search results for 'Coconut Oil Capsules', most of the results have the word 'Capsule' under the pricing information, and by default, the filter on the left hand column for 'Form > Capsule' is ticked. 


Does anyone know where Google is pulling this 'capsule' information from? I cannot see anywhere in the Data Feed where this might specifically be placed, and despite using 'capsules' in the product title and description, it does not come up for my product. As a result, my product does not show for a 'coconut oil capsules' search unless the 'Form > Capsule' filter is subsequently un-ticked (which a customer is unlikely to do of course, as they did search for capsules after all.....).


Can anyone shed some light on this please?


Many thanks

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Re: Google Shopping - how to get product type to show

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the form (capsule) listed on google-shopping's sidebar, like all google's
(left-hand-side) features, are mainly small subsets of data that are
generated automatically and dynamically, based mainly on the user's
search-terms, the submitted data's relevancy with respect to user's
search-terms, the data's accuracy with respect to the physical item
and brand-manufacturer as compared to submitted data, and google's
cumulative statistical data related to such information, coupled with
user-behavior, over some period of time.

the overall accuracy, quality, and correctness of all attributes
and values submitted -- but especially all global-trade-data
attribtues (brand, mpn, gtin) -- are usually critical factors.

first, be certain that all global-trade-data (mpn, brand, gtin) being
submitted are valid, accurate, proper, and correct, with respect to
the exact physical item being sold.

valid global-trade-data must be assigned by the manufacturer and
must be identical for all merchants selling the same physical item --
typically stamped directly on the package or product, at the factory; e.g.

submitting a description containing relevant feature data, using standard
(english) sentences, in a very structured pattern, using plain text but no

other formatting and no special symbols, may sometimes help;

These capsules combine both natural fatty acids and a fat-soluble vitamin. Ingredients: organic virgin coconut oil, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), gelatin, glycerin, titanium dioxide; Form: capsule; Features: gluten-free, vegan.

a product_type value should (a) be relevant with respect to the physical item,
(b) reflect any on-site navigational breadcrumbs, and (c) be able to help design
a hierarchy of bidding strategies for categories within a shopping-campaign; e.g.
Health and Personal Care > Health > Vitamins and Supplements > Supplements
Nutrition > Vitamins and Supplements > Oil Supplements > Vegetarian Oils

that said, only google knows with any certainty and google has yet to divulge
exactly what might be required for entry into such (google-shopping) search
features, despite being asked many many times before.


also importantly, google is constantly experimenting with features

and how ads are formatted and displayed; such feature, formatting,

and display, details may be added, removed, or changed, at any time --

there is no guarantee this particular feature will behave consistently.


google typically basis these details on their attribute specifications --

following all the requirements, recommendations, and guidelines, for

all submitted values, may also help.

a merchant-center product-listing-ads support-specialist
at google may also be contacted directly for guidance.

see also