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Google Shopping for Games Keys (store like Steam, which sell games by download)

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I want to know if in Brazil, I can use Google Shopping to sell games (I think would be the same with downloadable software and other virtual products), but without a physical copy. You get a download (like, the bigger seller of PC games in the world.


I can't found in the help any information specific about it, and I want to tell to my client if it is possible, or not, but if is not, would be nice to show him a help article or something.


Many thanks

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Google Shopping for Games Keys (store like Steam, which sell games by download)

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generally, shopping-ads are for physical goods owned by the merchant.

however, a very narrow set of digital-downloads
are allowed if all related policies are followed.


there are no specific policies for digital keys.

the general policies for all products, or specifically related to software
or digital-downloads, are interspersed throughout the merchant-center
pages -- so all requirements, rules, specifications, and policies, with
respect to all submitted data, images, global-trade-data shipping, the
site, one-time digital-downloads or software-subscriptions, the business,
business-model, business-practices, and how the business and product
(downloads) are represented to the public, should all be reviewed before
considering shopping-ads.

for example, promotions that prompt users to initiate a download must first
provide all relevant information and obtain the user’s explicit consent.

otherwise, there are many other campaign-types and ad-formats
that are available and may be a better fit for advertising certain


note that all campaigns require adherence to google's software policies --


otherwise, google may be contacted directly --

see also

Google Shopping for Games Keys (store like Steam, which sell games by download)

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Thanks Celebird.


I will use the other types (search, dynamic banners, DSA, GDN), but in Brazil, would be good use the Shopping, because the price of the client is lower than the competitors almost all the time.


The landing page would be like these:


Always with consent. It's sad if they couldn't use Shopping, I think could be a great opportunity to then and for the costumers.


Thanks for your help!