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Google Shopping feed rules

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Here's a great new feature available in Google Merchant Center:


We can now "map" data from certain fields in your feed to Google Shopping Data without having to edit the feed.


Pretty neat, I'd say. I can now add "price tiers" in a custom label without involving the developers. Anything under 50 for instance get 0to50 as custom_label_x, 50 to 100 gets 50t0100 and so on, which enables me to split product groups according to price tiers and bid accordingly. Or simply exclude "anything under X".

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Re: Google Shopping feed rules

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Yep, this is definitely a helpful new feature! Thanks AdWiser for sharing!

Re: Google Shopping feed rules

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pls any one can help me, how to delete the created feed rules?? sorry to put my question on your post but i am not getting any other field to put queries

Re: Google Shopping feed rules

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Login to Google Merchant, click on the feed, click on the tab feed rules, click on the x to delete the rule.
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Google Shopping feed rules

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With the new merchant center interface, I created supplementary feed, which has created the feed rule. I want to delete supplementary feed and when I do so it ask to delete the feed rule. When I try to delete associated feed rule, it says


"The 'All attributes' rule cannot be empty"


Due to this I am not able to remove the supplement feed. Any guidance/suggestion?

Google Shopping feed rules

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for the merchant-center new-experiences and new-feeds user-interfaces,
to delete a supplemental-feed, verify that the used-in column is set
to none -- then, delete the supplemental-feed by hovering over "none",
and clicking on the trashcan icon.

if the used-in column for the supplemental-feed is not none, then --

first, inspect the used-in column, under supplemental-feeds,
to identify the primary-feed-name that is currently associated
with the supplemental-feed --

(a) under the new feeds-tab, click on the primary-feed name, identified above;
(b) under the rules-tab, click on the supplemental set-to rule name,
(c) under edit-rule, click the supplemental set-to rule again;
(d) click on the 3-dot icon, select delete-rule;
(e) click save-as-draft;
(f) under the rules-tab, click apply, to apply the draft;
(g) verify that used-in is now set to none, then delete
the supplemental-feed -- by hovering over none and

clicking on the trash-can icon.

note that with the new-experiences and new-feeds user-interfaces,
the primary-feed always has one default-rule, that points to itself,
applies to all attributes, and created when the primary-feed is created --
the default-rule cannot be deleted.