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Google Shopping feed help

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If they didn't scare you away, you can still advertise on Google. Dropshipping is NOT explicitly forbidden. They want you to think it is, but it is NOT. I suggest you look into creating a feed rule that will set the attributes for the product in question to where the GTIN field is cleared to blank, as is the Manufacturer Part No field (MPN) and then set the "identifier_exists" field value to "False". That will allow the product to proceed without further errors. That has worked for me in several instances where I simply do not have a UPC (gtin) value to show, because one wasn't provided by the manufacturer, or where a product is custom-made. Google has become quite insistent that gtin values be shown lately, and sometimes it seems that they've gone overboard. As for the XML parser error, I'm clueless. I hope this helps you at least on the missing gtin issue.


And I've looked in the Google Terms of Service and cannot find anywhere that they explicitly "forbid" dropshipping as a business model. Sure, they frown upon it, and can probably make your life excruciating if they wanted to (being the 900-lb. gorilla in the room that they are), but are they **really** going to go out of their way to "punish" someone who decided to try this business model? I don't think so, but I could be wrong. As long as you keep a tight control on inventory (to avoid selling products that go out of stock beyond your control), it's really improbable that you'll have items advertised that you won't be able to sell. With feeds updating hourly, I can't imagine any scenario in which you'll have someone place an order that can't be fulfilled. Hourly updates seems a bit excessive, but not knowing your particular niche, it might be necessary.


Don't let the big guys intimidate you out of legitimately advertising your products on Google. Your business model is your business - not Google's. As long as you pay your bills and keep your Customers happy, they shouldn't have any issue with you, or advise you as to how to run your business...

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Google Shopping feed help

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Hello Daniel,


First, I or any other community members do not gain anything from providing false information, top contributors and rising stars are people whom have a great understanding of policies, best practices, how to, and so on... We take our precious time to advice others, into making correct decisions, based on information provided by Google. Where possible provide official documentation.


Firstly you are circumventing Google's Policy by not listing a GTIN when a manufacturer has assigned one, which is a policy violation.

More info :


Secondly, drop shipping is an affiliate system, not because the word drop shipping is used means that it's ok to do so. As per policy in the link below you are not aloud to sell affiliate products.


There have been plenty of drop shippers permanently suspended, simply search for suspended due to business model, on google search and here on the forum. You will find plenty.


What you are doing is suggesting others that are less knowledgeable about Google's Policy to put there business at risk and waste a huge amount of money in setting up a data feed and other related fees. I do not really see that as being helpful. But you are helping them loose money and valuable time.


Hope it helps.



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Google Shopping feed help

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GTINs are used by Google so they can directly compare the exact same product from multiple suppliers, primarily pricewise. If the GTIN exists, and you are a legitimate business, Google expects that you can supply it.


In terms of Google Shopping, the searcher gets zero value from affiliates having listings.