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Google Shopping criteria

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What criteria do Google Shopping use to determine on which keywords to be shown? Does it use tags like "description" or "keywords"?

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Re: Google Shopping criteria

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results depend on the bid and quality factors.

all attribute values may contribute to quality --
the attributes that are not displayed in results

may still be indexed and will still contribute to

the item's overall quality.

both title and description (attribute-values) are critical --
however, all attributes submitted may either help
or harm quality and performance in the auctions;
always submit the most accurate, relevant, data
with respect to the exact physical item being sold.

for example, accurate global-trade-data is required for most items.

title should simply name the exact physical product being sold.

description should simply describe the item's
physical characteristics or how the physical
product might be used -- in plain (ascii) text
and standard (english) punctuation -- without
any promotional information and without any
formatting, html, scripts, or other ancillary text.

product-listing-ads do not use keywords --
keyword stuffing with respect to a google-shopping
products-feed is a policy violation and grounds for
the item to be assigned low quality, disapproval, or
a suspension from the program, at any time.

see also