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Google Shopping account website verification

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Is there anyone out there that can tell me how to VERIFY my Google Shopping and Merchant account?

I used the Google Analytics process which I thought would be easier,but,I still cant figure out whats wrong..

I probably tried 10 times to follow the procedures step my step,but each time,there was something not right.. I thought that getting the Google Analytics account would make things easier but it doesn't make it any easier.. You have to be computer savvy to understand a lot of this stuff.. I wish Google could make this a one step procedure instead of taking people though 2-3 HOOPS just to Verify a site... Geez.. I had to give up on this the last time when I couldnt get no help from a Google Rep..


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Re: Google Shopping account website verification

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the website domain you own is verified -- not the account.

the website domain is usually verified using google-webmaster-tools.

verification details, with a link to a video, are currently here:

be certain to use the same google-account that is being used for
the merchant-center to also verify the site using webmaster-tools.

generally, the best order to request help for verification issues is:
(1) the web-hosting support organization, where the domain-name was purchased;
(2) the webmaster-tools help forum:!categories/webmasters/verification

otherwise, a support specialist may be contacted here:

Re: Google Shopping account website verification

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I finally found out what was stopping me from getting my website verification... The problem was that I DIDNT complete the application requirements: Phone-Address,Contact,etc... I found out later that this needed to be done.. There was nothing wrong with my URL.. The BIG ISSUE NOW is finding a CURRENT VIDEO TUTORIAL that shows me how to set up the DATA FEED to Google Shopping.. The feed on the Google Product site DOES NOT SHOW A SPREAD SHEET.. Its got some other type of DATA FEED GRAPHICS That I dont understand... I think it will be MUCH HARDER to learn how to use the DATA FEED than learn how to set up the verification.. GEEZ

Re: Google Shopping account website verification

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that sounds like good news and thank you for the update.

the data-feed may be created using almost any spreadsheet program.

for example, if excel is used, simply save the file as .txt tab-delimited.

for example, if a google-sheet is used, a video is here:

what is required for the spreadsheet
depends on the type of item being sold:

details are currently here:

a support specialist may be contacted here:

if an e-commerce system is being used,
there may be an automated method to
create the feed, without any spreadsheet --
contact the e-commerce or web-hosting
support organization to inquire about an
automated data-feed for google-shopping.