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Google Shopping - Taxonomy

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Can anyone help me list my products in the right category on Google Shopping. I've chosen the category from the Google's taxonomy but it does not describe my product well. Our prices are higher for the product because of the service we provide along with the product itself. Because of this the product is listed on the the 5 search page on Shopping.


1) Is there anyway to show these products in a better category on Google Shopping?


2 ) And also is there anything I can do to make sure my ads are listed on the 1st search page?


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Re: Google Shopping - Taxonomy

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(1) what is the product? what exact values are
being used for the google_product_category
and product_type attributes?

generally, services are not allowed on google-shopping.

(2) results are dynamic for each auction based on the bid
and many quality factors including the search-terms used
and the quality of all data submitted -- generally, there is
no way to force an item to be listed in a specific category
or page on google-shopping since other merchants are
also continually adjusting their bids and quality; however,
both the bid and data submitted can greatly influence the
auction results over time -- begin by taking performance
measurements of the most critical products and reviewing
all merchant-center requirements and guidelines against
all data being submitted.


also, importantly, continually searching for your own items

will almost certainly skew the results and is not necessarily

a good indicator of performance or under which categories

the items are actually showing for all users.


Re: Google Shopping - Taxonomy

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Hi sorry about the late response,

The product is a wireless router with advanced features such as and client integration, wireless repeater , advanced Quality of service and bandwidth controls among many different features.

the products in then connected to the standard results and then listed below because of the prices.

the Google product category is: Electronics - Networking - Bridges & Routers - Wireless Routers

Is there any way that this product can be listed under a different category ?

Re: Google Shopping - Taxonomy

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what other category specifically?

other possible google_product_category values that might be tried are:
Electronics > Networking > Bridges & Routers > Wireless Access Points
Electronics > Networking

however, there is no way to force an item into a category
based on a product's specific features or lack-thereof --
or any other specific criteria, within google-shopping.

categories are generally rather broad and displayed
on-the-fly based on the user's search-terms and
all information submitted in the feed for an item.

also, be certain that all other information are both accurate
appropriate; including global-trade-data (mpn, gtin, brand),
product_type, etc; these may help google classify the item.

Re: Google Shopping - Taxonomy

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The Google Product Categories are:

Electronics > Video > Video Players & Recorders > Home Media Players

Electronics > Networking > Bridges & Routers > Wireless Routers

Electronics > Networking > Bridges & Routers > Wireless Access Points

The feed has it all. Strong descriptive titles, GTin, MPN etc

Does Product type actually help with categorizing your products ?

Re: Google Shopping - Taxonomy

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only one category per product is allowed --
which category is wanted for which product.

yes, most all attributes including product_type may help
google's algorithms classify an item given a search-term --
the auction items are selected based on bid and quality.

also, google may change how an item is displayed at any time.