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Google Shopping - Suspension

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Hi All, 


We have been suspended for nearly 3 months on our Merchant Account, for 3 Separate Websites. 

The suspension is as follows; "Account suspended due to policy violation: Misrepresentation of self or product (Untrustworthy promotions)" 


After numerous back and forth with Ad-Words support, we have received nothing to move forward from this. 

Initially they mentioned over support that it could be our Refunds & Return Policy not being displayed accurately, which we immediately fixed. 


We requested a review but nothing, we also had our feed incorrect (linking to products which were out of stock) and also our payment gateway was down (now we only use pay-pal for the time being). 

We fixed these issues more than a month ago and kept requesting reviews, however every time we contact support, they state that it is still under review. 


We only have two promotions on our website; 

1. We had a banner going saying, "Get 10% Off when you sign-up" and were manually e-mailing customers the 10% coupon code within a day or so. (We have now changed this to automated, they will see the code instantly when they enter their e-mail)

2. We have a banner saying "Free Shipping over $70.00" which is completely functioning



Anyone have similar problems that have been resolved? We're currently having a 3rd party specialist working on it with their own google contacts, but other than that we don't really know why we are still suspended. 


Our website is 


Any insight would be appreciated. 


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Google Shopping - Suspension

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Please note, this is a member to member forum and we have no access to your account. So this reply is purely my own opinion and does not reflect anyone else.


I have a feeling you do not have products physically in stock in your warehouse. You can only advertise for products you have in your warehouse, not re seller or affiliate. The reason I say this is because the products you sell heavily advertise for affiliate / re seller. So this is most likely the reason, which is not aloud.


I recommend to use text advertising in this case.


Hope it helps.

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Re: Google Shopping - Suspension

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(a) no two suspensions are necessarily alike --
even with an identical policy-flag.

(b) generally, only one, single, website, per-merchant is allowed.

(c) misrepresentation/untrustworthy is a rather serious policy flag;

if the suspension has been made permanent by google, then there
is usually no fix possible and no further advertising will be allowed.

any untrustworthy behavior or improper information over time can trigger
such a suspension -- typically, misrepresentation relates to a fundamental
issue with the business or business-model, especially with respect to a

user's experience on the site, or with the business, on-line or off-line.

pricing, promotions, merchant or business identity-information,
contact details, physical location details, how the products or
business were represented to the public over time, advertising

using multiple websites, affiliate-advertising, supply-chains, etc.,

are some of the potential areas that may trigger misrepresentation/

untrustworthy related policy-flags.

(d) before a site is claimed or items submitted, google typically wants all
current policies to be followed; any one, single, severe policy violation,
too many policy violations, or too frequent policy violations over time,
can trigger a permanent suspension.


for example, items submitted must be in the merchant's physical on-hand stock;

the website details must clearly represent the business to the public;

the landing-page must clearly display only one, single, in-stock item;


(e) pop-ups, overlay banners, or similar,
are generally not allowed on landing-pages.

(f) promotional information can never be added to any submitted inventory data;
only the merchant-promotions-program can be used for google-approved promotions.

posting all the attributes and values being submitted, for a single item,
may allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.

if the disapproval has not been made permanent,
then the best likely course would be to continue
working directly with google.

otherwise, some suspensions are simply permanent and nothing can be done --
depending on the severity of the issue, the advertisor may be suspended from

ever advertising with google again, using any website.