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Google Shopping Shows Incorrect Location

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Google maps shows me in the correct location. My IP address shows me in the correct location. Everything online that can show my location, shows it correctly. But Google Shopping shows that my location is in a city and state over 500 miles away from my correct location. This renders Google Shopping useless for me. For the past two days I have repeatedly tried all of the tips on the Google Help page and nothing has worked to correct this. Please help!

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Re: Google Shopping Shows Incorrect Location

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(1) check if there is a "Use precise location" link near
the very bottom, of the main google-search page --
if so, be certain to click on: "Use precise location":


(2) google-shopping no longer offers any direct method to change location
settings within google-shopping -- this has been true for quite some time.


(3) google-shopping uses location mainly for country and currency --
if the location is within the appropriate country then, that is
all that is needed for the majority of google-shopping results.


(4) google-local-shopping within google-shopping does use location data to
show nearby-results -- however, as was indicated, google (local) shopping
no longer offers any direct method to change location settings and google
has not indicated this feature will be added back.


(5) for a very few google-local-shopping (available-nearby) results,
adding a near city,state to the search-term will change the nearby
results -- but will *not* update or change the your-location setting;


Google Shopping Shows Incorrect Location

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Thank you for your reply!

1. Yes, I have been clicking the "Use Precise Location" button every time I search.  But it's had no effect on the erroneous results.  I'm still getting stores in a state over 500 miles away even when I select "available nearby" also.

2. The last time I used Google Shopping, which was a month or so ago, it was working well.  My location was correct. And when I clicked "available nearby," the list was populated with stores very close to my home.  Getting results for stores three states away is useless.

3. That's unfortunate it isn't more specific, especially since it used to be.  It makes it much less useful being only narrowed down by country and currency.
4. Does this mean my incorrect "Your location" setting will remain an error?  That's frustrating.  I don't understand how it can be wrong when everything else Google is accurate for me.
5. Thanks!  This worked!  It still shows my location incorrectly, but by entering my city and state I was finally able to see stores within an easy drive.
It still troubles me that my location setting is incorrect, especially since it was correct until recently.  I hope Google will come up with a way to correct it so it is in sync with their other products.