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Google Shopping Shopify Integration

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We're running our store on Shopify, and are trying to load our stuff into Google Shopping via Merchant.  With our current setup, some products have many Variants (colors).  For technical reasons, we're trying to avoid breaking the Variants into multiple Products.  


So, our red, white, and blue Variants all reside at the same URL.  


BUT: as far as I understand, the Google Shopping API doesn't allow for this.  The rule is that each Variant needs to reside at a separate URL.


The current solution we're considering is:


1.) Put a variant identifier in the URL query string e.g.:






2.) Use some JavaScript magic so that when the Customer visits http://ourshop/products/widget, it will automatically select the right color.  FWIW, all of our variants have the same price.


Is this acceptable within the guidelines/rules of Google Shopping?





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Re: Google Shopping Shopify Integration

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if variants are submitted then both the data submitted
and the website must conform to all variant polices.

for example, each item in the variant group must be
submitted with identical item_group_id and variant
attributes that make each variant unique; a variant
attribute must contain only one single value, etc.;
but there is no requirement to submit an item's variants

without seeing the actual website (1) seems more acceptable;
generally, finding the right product on the landing-page must be

must be straightforward for the user -- google is the final arbiter
of straightforward.

more generally, variants related to apparel and apparel accessorizes
have more strict rules and policies than other types of variant items.

Re: Google Shopping Shopify Integration

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Hi Aleks,

I'm reviving an old thread here, but with some updates (you are probably already aware of these, but for the sake of future searches, I'm including them here).

1. Shopify now supports linking directly to product variants:

2. Shopify has it's own Google Shopping integration app here:

3. But the Shopigy Google Shopping app doesn't fully support variants with multiple colors, and will only publish the very first variant. To work around this, you can submit your own custom feed (driven by a Shopify Colleciton page template) in addition to the App's feed:

Hope this helps.



Re: Google Shopping Shopify Integration

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