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Google Shopping Search Problem

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I desperately need some help with a google shopping campaign.  I have been on the phone with ADWORDs support 4 times with no luck.  Our product data feed and all campaign settings are OK.  When in google shopping if I type our company name, all of our products show (we sell Halloween costumes).  If I then search for a specific product it never shows.  In some cases fewer than 20 results come back and none of them are ours. The first couple of times ADWORDs support kept telling me to up my bid.  I have set it at what I consider to be excessive ($1.00) based upon my 4 years of experience with ADWORDS and product listing and even then we are not in results.  As a reference point last year had over 1M impressions the 1st 3 weeks of Sept and CPC was $.08!  The problem may have started with the product listing adds which we converted to shopping in Mid August but I can't say for sure.  At one point we were suspended for having adult content which was ridiculous to begin with because we sell sexy halloween costumes.  We got that resolved but I am wondering if there is a hangover from that.  Any input greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Google Shopping Search Problem

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auction results are based on the bid and multiple quality factors.

user behavior is a factor that may be taken into account --
searching for the same or similar items over and over again
may cause items to be removed from the auction altogether.

transitioning to a new campaign or being disapproved are
two of many issues that can reset quality and may take
on the order of many weeks for the quality factors to be
remeasured and reapplied.

also, be certain that the same items are not competing
against each other -- check the campaign structure and
be certain any old campaigns have been properly paused;

be certain the same physical items are not being submitted

from multiple venues; be certain that proper item_group_id

values are being submitted for any variants, etc.

however, forum members can mainly offer suggestions
and possibilities based on the details that are posted
here within the public forums; we cannot look directly
into a feed or account histories or details.

generally, if there are no structural, policy, or related issues,
modifying the bidding strategy or improving quality or some
combination of both, are (about the only) actions that might

be taken to potentially improve performance in the auctions.


Re: Google Shopping Search Problem

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Thanks for the inputs Celebird. Lots of items to consider.

We have definitely paused the old product listing campaign so there are no conflicts.

Regarding quality factors, I think we have key points covered. If you search for XYZ costume and we have XYZ costume in our title and description along with the correct category 1, 2 and 3 it should come up especially with a bid that is 2x the benchmark?

We were temporarily disapproved 6 months ago. If that still impacts our quality, I am surprised that Google would not be willing to show / take my $1.00 bid, or $5.00 bid or any excessive bid over abstract quality issues. For organic search I would completely understand. For paid search I am having trouble understanding why.

Re: Google Shopping Search Problem

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first, you're welcome.

offering detailed suggestions without (historic) details is rather difficult.

was the transition to a shopping-campaign accomplished by
using google's automated migration-tool or handcrafted?

there are many structural and policy issues that can also impact results.

what do the performance statistics indicate over time?

what exact search-terms are being used?

generally, there is no such concept as (an excessive) bid over quality --
quality and bid are basically multiplying factors; so one can greatly
impact the other and therefore performance (results) in the auctions.


there are many other (attribute) details that are taken into account --

not just description and title; for example, improper item_group_id

or improper global-trade-data or user behavior, can all (negatively)

impact quality and cause items to perform poorly in the auctions --

despite the bid.