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Google Shopping Refuses to Grant Marketplace Status

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Our site is a marketplace or venue site. We host independent sellers who have their own policies.


Google Shopping refuses to acknowledge that we are a marketplace. And when I ask why they do not view us as a marketplace and what we need to do so we can be accepted as a marketplace - GS refuses to give me an answer. And I've asked this of three GS agents - they all ignore my questions.


The latest violation is that we do not have a clear and conspicuous refund and return policy - even though it is linked in the footer of our page. It says since we are a venue and not involved in the transaction, the buyer needs to review the seller's listed policies. I even pointed out that Etsy's Buyer Guideline (which is not clear and conspicuously linked on their home page) says the same thing.


Can anyone tell me what I have to do for marketplace status? I do have a multi-client account.


This has been going on for months and I've given up on Google Shopping. Thought I'd give it one more try and we're still suspended with no answers.



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Re: Google Shopping Refuses to Grant Marketplace Status

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Can you please share the URL of the marketplace?

Unfortunately, community members are unable to change any status deemed
correct by Google, however, we may be able to advise on some issues that
may be causing problems.

Google will really need to be spoken with to resolve this issue, so I would
suggest calling them to ensure nothing is missed within an email or chat.


Re: Google Shopping Refuses to Grant Marketplace Status

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# 3
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Hi Tom - thank you for replying.

I understand that community members are unable to change the status. I'm just hoping for some kind of explanation since Google will not give me one.

Here is our URL:

My emails to GS have been quite lengthy, detailed and full of questions they refuse to answer.

Re: Google Shopping Refuses to Grant Marketplace Status

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# 4
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I just received a call from someone at Google Shopping. The same person (#3) that I sent a lengthy message explaining (again) why our R&R is that of a marketplace and why we are a marketplace and not a single-vendor site. This representative said our R&R policy needed to be more descriptive - like explaining what we'd do with damaged items.

I said we can't do anything with damaged items because as a marketplace they are not our items. He responded that he didn't know that we are a marketplace, which changes things and he'd get back to me.

So no one at GS has been reading my messages for the past 6 months? They looked at the site without really looking at it?

Re: Google Shopping Refuses to Grant Marketplace Status

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# 5
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The saga continues....

Turns out the Google Help Desk in India has staff not able to comprehend and interpret English. That is why I did not receive direct answers on my questions - only repeated "canned answers" addressing violations for a single-merchant site. That is why the latest Help Desk contact said he didn't know we were a marketplace when we spoke on the phone.

The suspension was lifted on our multi-client account. I submitted a 7-item feed on a sub-account and we were suspended again for two violations:

Account suspended due to policy violation: return and refund policy
Account suspended due to policy violation: checkout incomplete

Yet Google allows us to run PPC ads about our marketplace.

After 8 months of battling Google Shopping for marketplace recognition - I'm throwing in the towel.

Re: Google Shopping Refuses to Grant Marketplace Status

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor
I know you are giving up, but I always call Google UK, always great support.

Google Shopping is indeed one of the most complex and hard to get correct answers. I blame it on the age of the program, although 3 years old (paid version), they are making lots of changes.

While Adwords is I think more than 15 or more years old. So allot more time to make the platform better.
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