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Google Shopping Performance

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Hi Guys,


I have Google Shopping campaign running from last one month. In terms of conversions and CPA the client is not complaining about it. But, I want to increase the performance even more. What i have noticed in my shopping campaign is that, I get more conversions from "others" than on "Top" the CPA is also less than what is of at "Top". See attached image.




Now my queries are as follows:

1] How can i show my ads maximum number of times on "others" (on 8 results) ? 

2] Will the new Google update on removal of Right hand side ads have any adverse effect on my Shopping PLA.

3] Earlier I tried increasing the bids it gave me very less conversions from "Top" and very high CPA. What should i do ?

4] How can I increase my CTR on "Others" ?

5] Anything else that I should look into and try it out in this particular campaign ? Except structuring because it already is!


Thoughts ?


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Re: Google Shopping Performance

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Hi Arista,

The position of the product listing ads (top vs. other) is dependent on the search query. Unfortunately in AdWords there aren't any reports to show which queries caused PLAs to show on the top vs. the side. Currently it seems that your only options are using a complicated script or manually checking individual queries.

1] I'm assuming that you want to maximize ads on "other" because they perform better. Because you can't determine the keywords that cause that placement or bid based on ad position I would recommend utilizing priority settings and negative keywords. This is somewhat complex but proper utilization of this strategy will allow you bid more on search queries that perform better which could lead to owning a higher percentage of the available "other" position ads. I know I'm not supposed to post external links but I really think this strategy would help you.

2] The removal of right hand side ads is only for text ads meaning the same amount of impressions will be available for PLAs. I could see traffic increasing since they will make up a larger percentage of ads on the search engine results page. I also believe that CPCs will go up, but not immediately. Once paid search text ad CPCs rise enough advertisers will start shifting spend to other ad types like PLAs leading to more competition.

3] This means that you were probably showing on more general, upper-funnel search terms. I would look at your search term log for this period where bids were raised and see which terms were coming in with poor performance. Add these as negatives.

4] Blocking impressions on irrelevant keywords via the strategy outlined in 3]. If you are looking to increase CTR with the same amount of impressions then a couple other things:
- Try testing a different product image. This is one of the most important factors for CTR.
- Make the product title more relevant. Try using commonly searched phrases at the front of the product title and using language that is used by the customer.

5] Tough to know without having access to your account. The opportunities that I see most often in Shopping Campaign audits are under-utilization of bid adjustments and campaign structure that is too simple. Review data and set bid adjustments based on time of day, location, audience, etc. so that you can pay more for users that are more likely to convert. The above link is a great primer on ideal product group structure and will result in better performance than something more basic. Also make sure that you have granular product groups and aren't just bidding on "all products".

Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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