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Google Shopping, PLAs & Merchant Center F.A.Q.

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Products disapproved on Merchant

Question: I have added lots of products on my xml file. There are no errors but some products are disapproved and some are awaiting review. Why is this?


Answer: Contact Google and ask for an investigation into why the review is taking so long. Reviews can take a little longer at times. Usingthis form, you can ask them for more information. If your items are showing disapproval on the other hand, you would contact Googlehere. You should also have received an email to your technical contact in regards to the disapproval of your items, if not, then using the same form above you can ask for them to email you the complete errors in your feed.


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Data feed error codes non ending

Question 1: I am having error issues from the data feed scenario. I am simply trying to upload a data feed of which I have a website URL confirmed and claimed and this returns a different error each time i fix the previous. I have telephoned Google Support who told me to post this question here. Could you someone help me with data feeds error?


Answer 1: Can you list the errors you are receiving?


If you are able to upload and have a DataFeed processed within Google Merchant Center, the only other required steps to set up a PLA Campaign is to link your AdWords account and set your CPC Bid and Maximum Daily Budget.


Shopping Campaigns take this one step further and allow you to create ad groups with the use of attributes.


At which stage are you experiencing the problems, is it on the upload of the DataFeed itself?


Question 2: The problem I have is that I am trying to get this data feed uploaded correctly with a landing link to ebay and amazon (i.e. not the website as it is not used any more). The website url is verified and claimed and I have had the data feed looked at and modified by a Google AdWords person but yet it still returns with errors?


Answer 2: The main problem I can see would involve you listing your items with two landing pages, both which you will be unable to verify, as you do not own the domain. Also, ebay and Amazon are both marketplaces, so would handle the upload of products for merchants, currently I am aware that eBay are utilizing PLA's but I do not believe Amazon is, However, for marketplaces, the individual merchant would be unable to list these once more as this would be grounds for disapproval for duplicate listing.


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Why isnt product extensions listed in the drop down menu?

Question: I've tried quite a few things now to set up a Google Shopping campaign or Google Product Listing Ads and neither seem to be working for me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong because the message on the Products tab of my campaign says this:


‘There are no eligible products for Google Shopping in your linked Merchant Center accounts.’


It says this message yet in the Google Merchant Center there is a list of products in the product tab with a green tick next to them saying 'Searchable'.


I've seen a few articles about setting them up as product extensions but this doesn't seem to be working either as the 'Product Extensions' option doesn't appear in the drop down 'View' menu in ad extensions?


Answer: If you have successfully uploaded your DataFeed and are receiving the green tick to state they are searchable. So long as your account is linked with Adwords and you have set up your max CPC and daily budget, you should be running with your listings in Google Shopping.


I have experienced myself it taking a few days for the products to be eligible in Shopping Campaigns.


How long has it been since your uploaded feed was processed and available?


Within your Adwords dashboard, do you have a listing under your campaigns that says my product listing ad's?


If yes, are you receiving any impressions?


If not, please visit your merchant center account and click the adwords menu option located on the left hand side under settings and double check the AdWords ID matched that of the account you are using for the purpose.


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Migrating Traditional PLA Campaigns to Shopping Campaigns

Question: I'm preparing to move an existing PLA campaign to the newer Shopping Campaign settings in Adwords. Is it possible to just tweak the settings for the existing PLA campaign, or do I have to create a completely new campaign with the new 'Shopping" settings?


Answer: Shopping and PLA are different campaign types (actually PLA is a subtype of Search Network only campaigns) so you'll have to create a new campaign and use whatever data from the PLA campaign (bids, for instance).


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How to improve my CTR in shopping campaign

Question: I have created a shopping campaign which faces Canada. I Subdivide All products by product types. But the total CTR is so low--0.5%. Can I control the search term as PLA campaign to each product groups?


Answer: In PLA and Shopping campaigns you may only use negative keywords, in order to prevent your ads from appearing for certain search terms.  The targeting of your ads is done by the system, which looks at your product titles & descriptions (mostly at titles though) and matches them to the search terms.  So in order to improve CTR you may do the following:  

-use titles which are very relevant for the product itself and do not include any general terms in them if you don't absolutely need them

-use negatives for all search terms which are irrelevant and drag down your CTR

-adjust your bids until you find the sweet spot (you still show your ads but the number of irrelevant impression decreases through the decrease of bids and subsequently of the ad rank).


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New data feed for PLA

Question: I'm new to google shopping. I uploaded a data feed with 5 products but last week I decided to delete one of them. I ran my campaign all week with 4 active products.


Yesterday, I uploaded a new data feed with 6 products.


I'm trying to create a new campaign, but I only see the original 4 products.  It's been 24 hrs and merchant shows the data feed as "inserted" and dashboard shows I have 6 active products.  


So, I went into merchant center and deleted the old data feed.  Then I went into Adwords and created a new campaign.  I still see only 4 products.


Is there a step I'm missing to tell Adwords to use the new datafeed instead of the old one?  Does this take a few days to update?


Answer: It is always best to avoid deleting DataFeeds, especially those that have passed review. Newly created feeds will require review once more. It does take a day or so to update within Shopping campaigns from what I have experienced and also gained from other users having similar issues.  So long as your AdWords account and Merchant Center account are correctly linked and your Google Merchant Center dashboard is not reporting any problems with the most recent upload, there should be no issue present.   If your feed has successfully uploaded this time, as you have said, simply leave this as is and wait for up to 72 hours, if there is no change between now and then, I would suggest contacting the AdWords team. Please ensure you keep your feed up to date if your prices or other attributes are scheduled to change.  


Just for future reference, it is always best to carry out any deletion within the feed, as this will stop the item being re-inserted when you update the feed.

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Shopping vs PLA performance 


Question: I recently set up a shopping campaign to run cocurrently with my traditional PLA campaign both using the same bid. However I'm seeing a much higher cost/conv and a slightly higher CTR for my shopping campaign. Why?




After creating a new product-listing-ad shopping-campaign,be certain to pause any regular-product listing-ad-campaign that is advertising the same products; otherwise, there will be direct competition among those items.

also, if the regular-product-listing-ad campaign had any abstract or self-created groups using adwords_labels or adwords_grouping, consider transitioning these to using custom_label_ attributes.


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Re: Google Shopping, PLAs & Merchant Center F.A.Q.

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