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Google Shopping Not Working from Jersey, Channel Islands IP

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I posted this question on the Google product forums ( ) but a Community Specialist told me to post it here instead.

As the title suggests, I've very recently found that Google Shopping is no longer returning any results at or if a search is performed from a Jersey, Channel Islands IP address.

I have two computers and a phone and I've spent the last few hours testing this, having cleared cache/cookies, tried a different/new chrome browser install/profile, changed to several different dns and flushed dns, I find the problem occurs accross both computers and my phone and that I need to connect to a VPN to get any Google Shopping search results.

This is obviously a problem because shows the home/local online shopping results for Jersey, Channel Islands residents and there is no Google Shopping at Google Jersey (

Could somebody else confirm the problem or advise please. Thanks

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Re: Google Shopping Not Working from Jersey, Channel Islands IP

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yes, that sounds correct.


currently, google-shopping and related advertising-networks, show shopping-ads
only within specific locations that have been targeted by advertisers/merchants,
based on where a user is currently located and many other details, such as the
device being used, past behavior with respect to ads, etc.


shopping-ads are influenced by user-behavior and relevancy --
targeting is set by advertisers, using a target-country in the
merchant-center and campaign-settings in the linked ad-account.


generally, only merchants may change where their ads are targeted;
if merchants using shopping-ads have not targeted a location then,
shopping-ads are unlikely to show for any users within that location --
despite using a specific google (shopping) top-level domain.


shopping-ad search-results that are nearly identical for a user,
without regard to the google/shopping domain being used, seems
to have been rolling-out for quite a few weeks now -- likely based
on google's data-center activity, internal business decisions,
or some similar set of factors; the actions seem intentional.


this seems to have been a quite purposeful internal business decision by google;
as yet, there seems to have been no official comment on the subject by google.


currently, the defaults for google's designated u.k. target-country

are outside the scope of jersey, channel islands; so, users within

that location are rather unlikely to see any shopping-ads, unless

merchants explicitly target that location.


google has not yet offered a documented method to change a user's location

settings or shopping-ad location details -- as was indicted, using any specific

google/shopping top-level domain currently has no effect on google's location

calculations, or a merchant's ad-targeting details.


for some google-shopping domains, adding a near/nearby statement

to search-terms can change a google (local) shopping location-radius.


the ad-settings that are currently available to users are documented here:


that said, although google reads posts, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum --
detailed feedback, for (shopping) ad related grievances, may be given more

directly to google by using their official feedback/complaint form:

Google Shopping Not Working from Jersey, Channel Islands IP

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It's confirmed, and most likely it will not be reverted. This happened as of 3rd November 2016


I started a discussion about this here :

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Re: Google Shopping Not Working from Jersey, Channel Islands IP

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Thanks for your quick replies. I guess I will have to use a VPN then or another pricing engine if I want to compare the prices of any goods before buying them online.


I can't image that there are many UK retailers who might realise that Jersey is outside of the UK for Google Shopping purposes, nor give any consideration to the need for targeting adverts to Jersey in addition to adverts targeted at the UK.


Jersey may be a separate jurisdiction in terms of being self-governing, but it is not actually a jurisdiction with full country status. It is a British crown dependency and the local online market place is very small and limited compared to what we can buy from the UK (we being an island only 9 miles x 5 miles). It is the UK online marketplace that serves Jersey and according to the latest survey I can find (2014 Survey ) and the latest population estimate of 103,000, Jersey residents were spending over £700 million pound on online shopping from the UK two years ago and by all accounts, the trend has grown at an exponential rate in the last two years. It could be as much as a £billion or more now each year?


I can't help but feel that Google ought to except Jersey from this new policy given the exceptional circumstances and the fact that Jersey isn't really a country out on its own with its own online marketplace, but we'll find out in due time I guess.


In the meantime, VPN, here I come...