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Google Shopping - No transactions

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I have a Google Shopping campaign that has been live for more than a week but is not generating any transactions despite a lot of traffic. I think it is unlikely that there are no transactions coming in through this campaign and I suspect that the Google Shopping transactions are attributed somewhere else. I can not find where the issue is so I am hoping someone here might have some input.


- We use a static feed that has been entered in Google Sheets and entered in Merchant Center

- The majority of products are approved

- We import transactions from Google Analytics

- Merchant Center, Adwords and GA are all connected

- All other Adwords campaigns and all other channels are generating transaction


Any thoughts on where the issue might be?


Best regards



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Google Shopping - No transactions

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It looks like you have done the basic checks, what I recommend is to research the data, to see what search terms are triggered for the listings. Making sure they are relevant.

Also as you have just started advertising for a week on shopping, that you have enough clicks, for example if you only have 20 clicks on a product, expecting a sales is sometimes not realistic. A good minimum to see if you can get sales or not is get 100 clicks for a given product.


So I recommend you check your search term reports and analyze the data

Improve the data feed and make sure you have added all required and recommended attributes

That the data submitted perfectly describe the product

Product identifiers are accurate


If this is then all done, try increasing the bids, please note that anything you change can have an effect for up to 2 to 3 weeks, so make sure that when you change something that you give it enough time to collect data so that you can make accurate decisions.


Hope this helps.


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