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Google Shopping High/Low Priority

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I have  question about the high/low priority feature in Google Shopping Campaigns.


I want to have higher bids for the search terms that have historically convert well. To do this, I've got 2 identical campaigns and but one set as low priority and the other set as high priority. The high priority campaign has lower bids and also has and also has my good performing search terms added in as negatives. I was hoping that this would result in the majority of my search terms coming through my high priority campaign and my top converting keywords coming through my low priority campaign that has higher bids. However, looking through the search term report, this doesn't seem to be the case. I'm getting a variety of searches from both campaigns.


Is there something I've missed out? Have I made a mistake somewhere?




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Re: Google Shopping High/Low Priority

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a campaign-priority will simply favor items over the bid --
the priority will not eliminate items from the auctions.

other factors will still be taken into account and therefore,
there is still a chance that the priority-setting will not be
the determining factor, depending on the auction.

items can still show from either priority campaign.

one course of action would be to isolate the set of items that are being
triggered by specific search-terms under the higher-priority campaign, to
be given some precedence over the bid -- for example, via custom_label_0
within the feed, to tag high-conversion items and then creating a separate
product-group under the high-priority campaign.

alternatively, separate the set of items entirely by using an inventory-filter,
so that a specific set of high-performing items are under only one campaign.

generally, before making any account changes a product-listing-ads
support-specialist might be contacted to help verify that the changes
about to be made are aligned with the desired outcome.