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Google Shopping Feeds,and.Ebay,and,Amazon

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I recently posted several items for Google Shopping and found out that so far,6 of the items that were processed,were not processed correctly,that happened after I got a lot of advice from Ecrater sellers..
I never understood why Google Shopping makes is SO DIFFICULT to post a simple item on Google Shopping,but all of the EBAY-and AMAZON items are posted on Google Shopping with no problems.. It looks like Ebay,and,Amazon don't have to go through all of the "Hoops,n,Hurdles" just to post a simple item..(like a $2.00 magazine) Google will just put what is written on the Ebay listing feed.. No Codes are needed..NO ISBN.TGINS,etc..Just a Title,and,Photo..
This Google Shopping problem has always been a challenge for me,and it still is..What a mess.
Thank you all for your help..
I think I will just do without GS.


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Re: Google Shopping Feeds,and.Ebay,and,Amazon

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generally, the choices are:
(a) a marketplace website with built-in e-commerce (such as ebay);
(b) a private website with an e-commerce (shopping-cart) system.

generally, the tasks involved are:
(1) listing inventory (product information) on the website;
(2) regularly submitting the data to the merchant-center, usually via a feed;
(3) creating and maintaining a shopping-campaign to advertise the products.

many marketplaces, such as ebay, handle all the tasks --
such as, listing the product information, submitting data
to the merchant-center , and creating and maintaining
advertising (shopping-campaign) details, automatically,
from the data that is submitted by individual-sellers to
that marketplace.


other marketplaces handle only some (parts) of the tasks.

the main advantage to using a marketplace is that most details
are handled by the marketplace -- the main disadvantage is a
lack of control over those details.

the main advantage to using a private website and e-commerce system
is more control over all the details -- the main disadvantage is that those
details usually must be handled by the merchant, or indirectly through a

support organization.

some e-commerce systems can submit the inventory
data to the merchant-center automatically; so, a feed
may or may not be required.

there may be additional costs or fees associated with each solution --
the inventory size and advertising budget are likely two key factors
to consider when deciding which solution is best.

Re: Google Shopping Feeds,and.Ebay,and,Amazon

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Thanx CeleB..
I think i'll just list my items DIRECTLY via Google Adwords...
I cant make a mistake there unless I OVERBID,and,that would be me to blame.

Re: Google Shopping Feeds,and.Ebay,and,Amazon

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you're welcome and thank you for the update.

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