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Google Shopping Feed-not "reading" price column in Feed

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Problem is two-fold.  Google has made changes to their Feed.  We tried to upload last week and we're getting errors on the price column in the feed.  The pricing info is in the Feed, but it's not reading the Column or the data in the pricing column.   

We've contacted Google via phone and every single call gets transferred to India with ZERO success in helping solve the problem.


I've been using Google Adwords and Merchant Center for over 10 years and we've never had a problem calling in and speaking with somebody in the U.S.  We used to receive email updates on issues as well as phone call back.  


Now, everytime we call in we get a receptionist who grills us for info and then we're transferred to India.  They promise to call back and never do. They can't tell us what the problem is or when they'll have a solution.


REALLY FRUSTRATED!!!  Did they dump their U.S phone support??

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Google Shopping Feed-not "reading" price column in Feed

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the frustrating, poor, customer-service, may be submitted directly to google --

this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum --

forum-members cannot look into any

account or any submitted data details.

generally, the price attribute value should contain a number,
with at most two-digits of precision, and a valid three-letter
currency, for the target-country, that exactly matches the
single landing-page price, and the single structured-data
price for the product-offer if available on the page; e.g.
123.45 USD

any sale_price overrides the price attribute, for the item.


also, if possible, try downloading the feed-file from the merchant-center,

open the file in a browser-window, and inspect the details, of any item

that is being flagged -- and the lines just above and below that item.

forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on information posted
here within the public-forums -- for example, posting an exact url to the
specific feed-file being submitted, or a specific subset of the feed-file,
the specific message being seen, some details about the registered file --
if the file is legacy or a newly registered feed -- screen-captures of the
products-feed-tab and the results pages, etc., may allow other forum-members
to offer more specific suggestions.