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Google Shopping Feed Optimization and Bidding Strategy.

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My questions will revolve around feed optimization and how to bid on 20k products.


1)  How important is getting a correct GTIN assigned to a product and is it more important than the title/description.  Say I have the wrong GTIN in a product, but title and description are completely relevant will my products still get the expected impressions.


2)  I have lots of history in a adgroup with all my products, which also has conversion data for products that I currently am not selling from the past.  How important is this history going forward?  If I decide to break each of my product categories into individual adgroups (should have done this a long time ago) will my cpc/conversions be greatly impacted because these adgroups would have no history. Should I just break out of the categories to make life easier.


3)  With lots of products comes headaches bidding manually.  I can bid based on a product category, individual id, brand or use a google bid strategy.  Manual bidding seems to be everyones preferance, but ROAS bid strategy and maximize clicks interest me.  Has anyone had luck with ROAS bid startegy and how would you set it up on a large number of products in terms of percentage and inconsistent conversion value.  How does maximize clicks work and does it make any sense in a shopping campaign?  Thanks for your help!

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Re: Google Shopping Feed Optimization and Bidding Strategy.

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1) Very important, needs to be accurate. It's a policy requirement

2) Historic ranking will be back on the new ad group within around 24 hours, there will be a slight slump with any change. I suggest changing it step by step and not in bulk to avoid any sudden drop in traffic.

3) I do manual bid on thousands of products. It provides me insight on elements beyond the capabilities of automation. I suggest experiment and see what fits your needs. Although you are contradicting yourself, you want maximum clicks but also ROAS. You can't have both in my logic book. For example a good ROAS will not always or never have maximum possible clicks. I always use ROI as my reference and bid manually based on these values.

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