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Google Shopping Duplicate Descriptions

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Hey guys, 


This may be a quite a basic query (I blame the Monday blues!) but I was wondering that if you had a generic Google Description template that you followed for all products, how much it'd affect performance?


Currently, I have a long range of products (not exhaustive however) that follow a template with only the key features differing i.e. name, size, colour, each time in the description. As a result, I have certain products in the feed that captivate on the majority of the traffic from broad search terms rather than product specific, for example, a search term such as "iphone" triggering a "Apple iPhone 6 Plus Silver 64gb" ad, but the same term doesn't trigger a product such as "Apple iPhone 6 Plus Black 64gb" with the same bid & description.


I'm aware that Google Shopping has it's own Quality Score but surely with products that have the same bid, description and the keyword searched isn't product specific, it's quite odd that it's almost pot-luck as to which ad it triggers. 


I was wondering if anyone had experienced something similar in the past and or had any case studies on changes made to descriptions (e.g. implementing unique product specific descriptions) that allowed more shopping products to show up in SERPs.


Any thoughts are appreciated! 




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Re: Google Shopping Duplicate Descriptions

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First of, you have to take into consideration the historic ranking of the product, the historic search of the customer. Google takes allot more into consideration than what you supply.

If Google knows i like silver things, or have search for a silver phone somewhere else. Google might know this and shows relevant products.

The description will have a very small ranking factor to non at all. Your key focus has to be the title.

Make sure that both title and description perfectly describe the product accurately for both the website and data feed.

Other than the above try to rely on Adwords data, rather than searching for the products yourself as your own historic searches and behavior will invfluence the results. Also you will loose CTR because you are searching for your own ads. Which creates a negative impact on your performance.

Thus rely on Google Adwords.

Hope it helps.
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