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Google Shopping Description wrong / only half sentences

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In my results of the google shopping ads the description is only shown half on some products and this changes in length every day and also the products with this error change. Sometimes there is the full description, sometimes half and sometimes google shows nothing of it and takes the VAT-Description of my website to the shopping description. Sometimes google takes the vat description, too and also a half sentence of my description.


Does anybody know, why Google does this? My feed in merchant is ok, says Google. I take a lot of special characters for technical data. But google accept my feed. But maybe this could be the reasion, nevertheless? I saw the same thing at an independet product from other providers, whose use some special characters, too. Google takes out "colour: black" of a full description with other details and only show the color-part.





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Re: Google Shopping Description wrong / only half sentences

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for best results all descriptions and all
submitted data should be in plain text
without any symbols, special characters,

or formatting, whatsoever.


all data must be from the same character encoding --

all plain u.s. ascii is best for a u.s. registered feed;

all utf-8 is best for all other target-countries.


verify the item's description is being processed properly

by clicking on the item's title -- under the products-tab

of the merchant-center-account:

a best-practice is to have the most important information
in the first 140 characters or so of the description -- with
the first 500 characters devoted to the physical item with
emphasis on how a user might describe the physical item
during a search.

the title and description should name and describe the
physical item or how the physical item might be used --
and conform to google's rules, policies, related editorial
guidelines, and recommendations.

there is no such attribute as vat-description.

a feed being accepted and a feed being optimized,
based on google's rules, policies, guidelines, and
recommendations, are not the same.

that said, google decides all format and display.

google may use only a snippet of item information --
and is constantly experimenting with the format and
display of all product-listing-ads -- depending on the
ad's context, the search-terms used, device details,
and many other factors.


otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts;

we can mainly offer suggestions based on what is posted here in the forums --
however, a merchant-center product-listing-ads support-specialist at google

may be contacted directly for guidance.


Re: Google Shopping Description wrong / only half sentences

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Hi, thanks a lot!

I have to wait now, if my changes will be visible, because they are not showing updated in the shopping results, yet (I think it needs some time, I've even let update the feed again by google and the new description is shown succesful in merchant center, but not in the results). Now the vat tail is gone succesful from the merchant description view. Before there was the vat information included, although I didn't wrote it in the description. Thank you for the clue.

I will give the answer, how it works if the changes are visible.


Re: Google Shopping Description wrong / only half sentences

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first, you're welcome.

yes, full processing may sometimes take 24-72 hours
or so, before changes can be seen within any results.

be certain the id value has not changed --
id value should be unique per item and
never, ever, change -- all updates are
tracked by id.

also, the items must match a product-group within
an active shopping-campaign, and have enough bid
and quality to win a slot in one of the auctions, before
being seen in results.

the actual snippet from the description, that is
selected for display, is determined by google.

currently, merchants have no direct control over
any product-listing-ad format or display details.

Re: Google Shopping Description wrong / only half sentences

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Hi, thanks for your answer, too.

The finally result: Unfortunately the description didn't change in the public description of the product I tested. Also Google put back the vat description to the text I can see in the merchant center automatically. The support of Google answered now, too. They said the same like you two, that Google chooses what will be displayed and what will not. Normally this could be acceptable, because we put only useful information in the description. But in my example google often pics out "plus vat", despite the whole sentence normally is called "vat included, plus shipping" and isn't placed in the description feed. Google pics it out from the website by itself.. This is harmful for us, because the people are thinking then, that they have to pay vat additional. I will send them this information.

Thanks both for your support! Smiley Happy

Best wishes

Re: Google Shopping Description wrong / only half sentences

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first, you're welcome and thank you for the update.

generally, the description and vat information
is contextual based mainly on the search-terms
used by the user and other factors.

typically, more short-tail (less detailed) search-terms may
result in google grouping items into compare-prices where
a representative description, price, and any vat details or
lack-thereof are chosen by google to represent the group
and then detailed more exactly within compare-prices;
these details are usually not taken from the website but,
rather based on a summary of all comparison data.

whereas, more long-tail (more detailed) search-terms
may result in google showing an exact item where the
snippet description, price, and vat details are derived
by google directly from the submitted data (feed).

there is nothing merchants can do to influence these results directly --
except to optimized the data submitted to be more relevant and exact,
with respect to the physical item, while using negative-terms within
the shopping-campaign, so that when users do search more exactly,
an exact item can be found and displayed properly by google.

that said, google is constantly experimenting with how
product-listing-ads are grouped and displayed -- so, there
is no way to anticipate how items might be shown; other
than following the rules, policies, and recommendations
of all attributes submitted and verifying each landing-page
exactly reflects only the data submitted for one item.