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Google Shopping Campaign

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Joseph & Kwang here, new guys with a lot of questions. We've just signed-up for a new adwords account and we were told it is going through a normal 3 days review. During our wait we have a few questions, that were somehow answered by Google Support and also in this thread ( ) but we still need more in depth information, if possible from experienced advertisers.


1) How do you establish the minimum bid for your shopping campaigns? Since we were told the bid simulator will show in the account in a few weeks, we have no guidance for the moment. Trial and error only?

2) Do you have any suggestions about splitting products in ad groups?

3) Is it a smart choice to hire someone to manage the campaign if we have a low monthly budget or spend that extra on trying myself to get the right settings? We are not a big advertiser since there is not a lot of budget available for the moment but hope to scale it in time.

Re: Google Shopping Campaign

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Hi Joseph & Kwang
1. Apart from the bid simulator its all about using different indicators such as the cost per click, the benchmark cpc that will appear in your campaign soon once it gets going and a bit of common sense (read returns of investment). Quality of feed and landing page also plays a role somewhere, generally CPCs are lower for better quality campaigns and vice versa.

2. Regarding splitting, unless you have thousands of products, it is best to start with 1 adgroup and sub-divide products as per a) product types (if you are using specific values in the feed), b) different brands if applicable or simply c) any other appropriate division you deem fit. I will not split them in different adgroups unless there are adgroup level negatives or other business purpose.

3. Entirely your choice- depends which way you are more comfortable. I would though suggest some expert help in setting up could benefit more.