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Google Shopping Campaign Structure

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I have one campaign set up with 5 ad groups within it:


1). All Products

2). Women's Fragrances

3). Men's Fragrances

4). Cosmetics

5). Skincare


  • Ad groups 2-5 have product groups set up within them to target the correct products. 
  • Ad group 1 has every product within it. 
  • The bid on the 'All Products' ad group is set lower than ad groups 2-5.  This was set up to catch any products that may have slipped the net in ad groups 2-5.


Is this a suitable way to set up the campaign and ad groups or will it cause any conflict when showing products in the shopping results pages?


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Re: Google Shopping Campaign Structure

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generally, product-groups should be used to sub-divide products for bidding.

one shopping-campaign, one ad-group, multiple product-groups.

for product-listing-ads, if multiple ad-groups or shopping-campaigns
are used, be certain that each item is assigned a bid under only one
structure to avoid bid conflicts and related issues.

for product-listing-ads, multiple ad-groups should mainly
be considered under the following specific situations --
(a) to assign ad-group-level negative keywords;
(b) to assign bid-modifiers (e.g. time specific bids);
(c) to assign specific promotional-text to a group of items.

for product-listing-ads, multiple shopping-campaigns should
mainly be considered under the following specific situations --
(a) to assign different budgets;
(b) to assign campaign-level negative keywords;
(c) for more accurate geographic targeting under the target-country;
(d) dayparting;
(e) bid-modifiers;
(f) to implement shopping-campaign priorities;

the best likely course would be to contact a
product-listing-ads specialist at adwords so
a person can look directly into both accounts
to verify there are no conflicts or potential
issues given the current feed and structure.