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Hello everyone. Just a quick question, I'm looking for some advice regarding Google Shopping.


I'm in them middle of migrating a shopping campaign from one brand to another (they have seperate URL's) but essentially sell the same product. With the old brand they received plenty of relevant impressions and clicks. Upon migrating this product to the new brand, impressions are ridiculously low. To ensure that this was nothing to do with the feed I used the exact same titles, descriptions, product categories etc (Note the old brand does not sell this product anymore, so there should be no issue with duplication).


Does anyone have any clue as to why this might be happening, could this be to do with the landing page content or quality? Does anyone have any idea of what Google shopping is looking for from the landing page? Quality score on text ad campaigns is near perfect so there should be no issue with this.


thanks in advance!

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Check that the id's have not changed. Changing id's resets all historic ranking.
Make sure you correctly describe the product, changing brands while not updating the title to the correct new brand is a policy violation. As you are telling it's one thing while its another. It does not matter if the product is the same, If Google checks your feed manually and sees that there is a brand miss match it will be flagged. This manual review can happen at random or when a customer complains you have miss represented the product.

If a link has changed, this too can reset the historic ranking. However I have not tested this before.

My personal opinion, this is pretty normal, if you change something dramatically you will have to get your historic ranking back from stretch.

To jump start your ranking efforts, I would ensure you are bidding high enough to get your products back up the ranking.

But want to emphasize to ensure your products titles and everything related are not misleading.

Hope it helps.
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