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Google Shopping Ads for non brand items

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Hello Guys


I am setting up a google shopping campaign for my toy store. I sell basic non branded items such has plastic farm animals for kids. I want to set up a waterfall  (3 campaign ) google shopping campaign based on priorities. I am confused on what to add to the negative keyword list so do i add "farm animal " to high priority then medium negative "farm animal toys" and low priority no negatives. I have read many articles they talk about negative keywords for brands then skus but what if your sell generic items like a  blue party hat or my case non-brand farm animals?


Please, could some suggest how best to set up this campaign ?


Product Example : Plastic Farm Animal Figures 


High Priority With Low Bid of (£0.50)

Negative ex : farm animals 

Medium Priority With Low Bid of (£1.50)

Negative ex :  farm animal figures 


Low Priority With Low Bid of (£5.00)

 no negative list

Thank you

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Google Shopping Ads for non brand items

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As you are not using brands, I would setup two campaigns, one for generic search terms with priority high. Than add negative keywords to the list that are relevant to your marketing strategy.

In the second campaign set the priority to medium, than all negative matching keywords from the generic campaign will end up here.

You can even go one step further and create a buy campaign, where you exclude all the buy search terms to from the second campaign, which will make them end up in the last campaign.


However you should first analyze your marketing strategy than apply a setup to achieve your goals, not the other way around.


Simply because someone says this is the best setup, does not mean it is in all cases.


For example a client of mine sells unbranded printer labels, here this setup is not created.


So first look at your plan, than check what the best options are for your plan.


Hope it helps.

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