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Google Shopping Ads are not showing my Products

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Hi folks,

I am new at this fórum. I am facing some problems with my Google Shopping Ads. My products are not showing in the Google general search. All I did so far it is not helping in showing them.


1 - My products are been uploaded everyday at 1:00AM via .xml file

2 - There is no erros in the Google Merchant only Warning about Micro data

3 - My accounts are linked (Merchant and Google Shopping)

5 - My budget is arounf $100,00 reais (Brazilian reais) a day and $4,45 for each click and even so the ads are not showing.


Anyone already had this kind of situation ?





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Google Shopping Ads are not showing my Products

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Using Google Search is not the correct method to see how your product performs or if they are visible. Also note that you are negatively effecting your products as each time you see a product it generates an impression, as you do not click on your own ads, it will reduce your CTR and thus reduce your ranking and increases your CPC. Therefor it is very important that you start to learn to use Google Adwords Data rather than relying on visually checking.


To problem solve your issue you need to look at your Adwords data, check what happened when. For example have your impressions dropped at a certain point, has there been more competitors etc etc...


Also check all your products are listed within your campaign ad groups. You can check this by clicking on your ad group and seeing if your subdivisions have products inside.


Hope it helps.

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Google Shopping Ads are not showing my Products

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Hi Emmanuel, thanks for your answer.

Maybe I was not clear enough on my first text. I know the Google Shopping is not showing my products because I am checking it on the Google Ads. Actually I ran the Google Strutctured Test tool to check my .xml file and I had no erros or warnings on this test, but when I go to Google Adwords/My Remarketing Campaign/Display Net, I can verify that 98% of my products are reproved in the feed. So I do not know what to do to discover what is the problem.