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Google Shopping Ads Issue

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My Google shopping ads were running very well for about a week. I was getting CTR around 3%

I paused the campaign for an hour to lower down the pricing even more.


Since then, 2 days have passed since I enabled my campaign again & my shopping ads don't appear in the Main search results anymore.


I see my ad only when I click on the "SHOPPING" tab while searching on google.


In the shopping tab, my ad appears right at the top. But, its not appearing in the main search results.

The big problem here is that I'm not getting any impressions or clicks, because customers don't usually click on the "Shopping tab" while searching on google.


Thank you so very much in advance for any help or assistance anyone could provide me with this.

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Re: Google Shopping Ads Issue

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shopping-ads show by winning a slot in the auctions.

winning a slot in the auctions is determine by the bid and quality.

generally, since there are far fewer ad-slots on google-search, than
on google-shopping, the auctions are much much more competitive --
for example, any decrease in a merchant's click-through-rate, or
any improvement in quality or bid increase by competitors, may
suddenly and adversely effect auction performance.

typically, to increase the chances of winning in the shopping-ad
auctions, on google-search, either raise the bid, or work to help
improve quality over time, or both.

also, searching for the same items over and over again,
without any positive action, may necessarily harm quality.


pausing a campaign may also effect quality -- google will

likely need to re-learn most auction performance results

and quality related details that have accumulated over time;

if there are few competitive factors involved, then temporarily

increasing the bid for a time may sometimes help.





Re: Google Shopping Ads Issue

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Thank you so much for your response.


Before I enabled the campaign again, I made sure that I have all the bids competitive, to give it a kick start. Benchmark CPC for my product is usually around $0.30.


I started out with even $2-$3 bid, still didn't work. The ad just shows on the first position of the shopping tab only.


Do you suggest leaving it like that for a few more days? Or is there something else that I can do to get it back to the main shopping search results, like accelerating ad delivery etc?

Previously, it used to stay at the first position constantly on the main page.