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Google Shopping API - Promotion id attribute

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Can I add a promotion id attribute using Google API? 


Would this be a custom attribute? How do I add a custom attribute to the Google Shopping API?

There are no custom attribute field on the CSV we have downloaded from Shopify for the Google Shopping API.

Can i just add an additional column and name it promotion id?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Google Shopping API - Promotion id attribute

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(1) yes;

(2) no;

promotion_id has been added to the standard google attributes,
within google's content-api and will be recognized via the api --
so cannot or should not be added as any custom-attribute.

(3) if the data is being submitted via the api then,
the attribute should be added to the api data being
submitted, at the source -- adding any data via a
data-feed file after an api-insert can cause many

issues and is strongly not recommended.

if a third-party is handling the submitted inventory data
then, the best likely course is to contact the third-party
support directly, so the data can be added at the source --
in this particular case, shopify support:

Re: Google Shopping API - Promotion id attribute

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Thank you for the reply.

We are handling the inventory data in house. But I am unsure how to add Promotion_id to the API data.

Will I need to add a new field into the API data for promotion_id?

Re: Google Shopping API - Promotion id attribute

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first, you're welcome.

the promotion_id attribute is added and handled in the
same similar way as any other google-defined attribute.

for an api-insert, the data is part of the products-resource,
and is a promotionIds list if json-data is being submitted,
or separate tags if xml-data is being submitted.
"promotionIds": [ string ],


the property (attribute) is simply added to the request-body.

specific details usually depend on exactly which language
and corresponding content-api client-library is being used.

of course, the promotion-data itself is handled entirely separately.

follow-up questions should likely be submitted directly to the api-forum:!forum/google-content-api-for-shopping
generally, be certain to indicate the language and client-library-version used,
along with any specific request-sent and response-received, if at all possible.

see also

Re: Google Shopping API - Promotion id attribute

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Thank you for your advice.
I will contact the suggested forums