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Google Product Rating Not Supplied By The User??

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Can someone please tell me why a merchant has star rating on their products within the shopping listings and the reviews are not supplied by the merchant?




The review are powered by Macy's.




I sell this exact product and yet I do not have these product review stars. What am I missing?



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Re: Google Product Rating Not Supplied By The User??

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product-reviews may also be submitted by review aggregators.

generally, be certain that all required global-trade-data
is submitted, is accurate, and is using plain (ascii) text,
without any symbols or marks.

also, do not submit global-trade-data -- mpn, gtin, brand --
that is not required by google for the item being sold,
is not from the manufacturer and stamped directly on the
product or package, at the factory; never approximate or
self-assign any global-trade-data.

for example, apparel items require only a valid brand.

typically, if any global-trade-data is optional (for the type of item) and
is submitted, the submitted data must match the manufacturer's data
and the reviews data being submitted by the reviews-site, for the exact
physical item being sold, exactly -- otherwise, such optional data should
not be submitted, at all.

also, verify that the id, link, and title attributes have not (recently)
changed in the submitted data or on the site for the physical item.

otherwise, if possible, contact that specific review-site-support
directly and ask if they would be willing to verify the exact data
being submitted for the product-review against the exact data
on the site and submitted within the product-feed, for the item --
especially, link and any global-trade-data attributes.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to
contact a product-listing-ads specialist at google.

Re: Google Product Rating Not Supplied By The User??

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Hi Daniel,

To add to Celebird's thorough answer, you can lear more about Product Ratings here:

You'll see that another criteria you need to meet in order to show the product ratings is to have 50 reviews total across all of your products in order to be eligible.