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Google Product Category Question

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Can you assign more than one Google Product Category to a product? If so, does your product only show up for the first one listed or will it show up for both? Does Google frown on your data feed when you list more than one Google Product Category?

I am helping create a feed for a client with a little over 3,000 products and some of these could fall into a few different categories. This is my first time really optimizing a data feed this specifically so I don't want to royally mess it up. Any suggestions/opinions would be appreciated!!

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Re: Google Product Category Question

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only one, single, google_product_category value is ever allowed, per item;

the single value must be from google's defined list of taxonomy categories --

simply select the one value that best categorizes each physical item.


however, product_type may be used for additional category

values, from either google's or a private taxonomy, by using

standard > breadcrumbs;


camping > shelter > tents


both google_product_category and product_type are used to:


(1) help google determine which attributes are required for the type of item;
for example, apparel clothing requires a color -- so, while only a broad,
high-level, value is needed, a more specific, low-level taxonomy value is
usually best and strongly recommended.


(2) segment items within the shopping-campaign,
to help create effective bidding strategies --
e.g. to bid higher on tents and lower on lean-tos.


(3) help google find a specific physical item during searches
on google-shopping and for grouping relevant shopping-ads.


all three uses should be taken into account when deciding on a category value.


see also