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Google Policy Violation and Support Team Incompetent

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Hello Forum


I'm here mainly to vent about Google Merchant Center Policies and the way the Policy Team poorly handled my client's account. I am a paid search account manager who worked both in-house and for agencies. For many years, I have had great experiences with Google Adwords Support Team. However this time around I'm really lost for words and hopefully the community can help or give me some suggestions and insights.


A client of mine - a vitamin and supplement eCommerce retailer with 30 thousand SKUs received an account suspension warning email from google. I immedately contacted Adwords Support Team and they made suggestion to remove certain disapproved products before the deadline date. These disapproved products had always been in the account. We even called Adwords Support team a year ago, asking them if it's okay to have disapproved ads in the feed? Their answer: "It's perfectly okay.In fact, this way when shopping policies change, previous disabled ads will get re-enabled again!" Apparently now this is not the case. Google Support told us to remove ALL the disapproved products in the feed. So we did. Every last one of them. And we even called back on the day of the deadline to double check and see if anything else needs to be done. The Support person told us that our account looks perfect! That very afternoon, the account got suspended.


We called Google to evaluate the account again, the support team re-escalated the evaluation asking for reasons on why it's suspended. We Waited for another 24 hours for a reply, appearntly there's ONE product - currently disabled in the feed - which we need to remove. We promptly removed the product on the same day and asked for re-evaluation of the account.


48 hours after the re-evaluation request, the Policy Team upheld the suspension,citing reason that it's because of that ONE product....which we have already removed from the feed is causing the issue. BUT WE REMOVED IT from THE FEED. The Google Support Team re-escalated the issue for additional reasons on the suspension, but the policy team went dark. They didn't give us any information for at least 48 hours now.


We promptly acted and complied to all required changes made to the feed and STILL got the account suspend for reasons the Adwords Support team don't even know about.


I'm not the only one having these issues in the Health and Medicine field. Google is EXTREMELY vague on the list of restricted products they publicly list. Managing tens of thousands of products with thousands unapproved products is a nightmare. You literally have to go over the sample restricted list they give you and upload the rest of the feed and hope for the best.


Worst of all Google shopping Preemptively disapproves products. For example, if Google disapproves "hunting Knife" product, then they might preemptively suspend "hunting caps" "hunting boots" based on common keywords.


This makes evaluating suspended products even harder. Our online inventory is cut down by half now and it's getting smaller everyday. what can I do to help my client in displaying correct products in the feed and removing the restricted ones.


Right now this place is a mine field shroulded with secrecy.

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Re: Google Policy Violation and Support Team Incompetent

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Hi there;
Please share the URL in question;
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