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Google Merchant throws warning “Unrecognized attribute”

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I'm facing an issue I can not explain :


When I'm uploading a feed to Google Merchant in an other language than English, the reports tells me there is many "Unrecognized attribute" that should be valid, like title, link, description, gtin, etc.


In fact, all attributes are considered warning from Google.


But the issue only occurs if it's not in english so my feed seems correct.

What is wrong? Do you have any ideas?


Thank for your help.


Here's a dump of my export (strimed to one product) :


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss xmlns:g="" version="2.0">
<title>Google Shopping export for PrestaShop</title>
<g:id xmlns:g="">12345</g:id>
<![CDATA[ Basic title ]]>
This is a basic product
<g:quantity xmlns:g="">39</g:quantity>
<g:availability xmlns:g="">
<![CDATA[ in stock ]]>
<g:price xmlns:g="">8.54 EUR</g:price>
<g:product_type xmlns:g="">
<![CDATA[ Ofertas > Ofertas ]]>
<g:google_product_category xmlns:g="">
Alimentaci&oacute;n, bebida y tabaco &gt; Bebidas &gt; Vino
<g:shipping_weight xmlns:g="">1.4 kg</g:shipping_weight>
<g:online_only xmlns:g="">n</g:online_only>
<g:condition xmlns:g="">new</g:condition>
<g:brand xmlns:g="">Angove Family Winemakers</g:brand>
<g:mpn xmlns:g="">23500023</g:mpn>
<g:gtin xmlns:g=""/>
<g:image_link xmlns:g="">
<g:shipping xmlns:g="">
<g:price>24.2 EUR</g:price>
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Re: Google Merchant throws warning “Unrecognized attribute”

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a proper google-xml formatted feed snippet for rss2.0 is currently here:

generally, use proper namespaces and do not submit attributes with empty values.

first, under the feeds-tab, be certain to verify
that there is only one, single, feed registered
for the target-country and the feed-name and
file-name are unique for each target-country; e.g.

be certain that all-countries is selected from the drop-down country menu.

for that particular data-feed, be certain to verify the
registered target-country under the feeds-tab is spain --
and verify the file-name that is currently registered
exactly matches the file-name being uploaded.

also, check the individual feed-settings details and
be certain each id is unique among all countries; e.g.
generally, id values that include both letters and numbers are best.

for that particular xml dump, we registered a unique data-feed
under spain and google processed the file details without error.

as an aside, be certain that the link landing-page matches the
submitted data, regardless of where a user is physically located,
and conform to google's currency and language policies.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to
simply contact presta-shop support directly.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any feed or account details.

however, a merchant-center product-listing-ads
support specialist at google may be contacted
and can look directly into the feed and account.

see also

Re: Google Merchant throws warning “Unrecognized attribute”

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try g:title and g:description instead of title and description.

As per requirements this is the correct new method. Everything has g: infront.

Remove all xmlns:g="" that should not be in there.

Only list elements if there is a value, for example GTIN has no value so it can not validate.

Hope it helps.
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Re: Google Merchant throws warning “Unrecognized attribute”

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pre-defined item-level elements of the (rss 2.0) standard --
link, title, description -- do not require the g: prefix.when
submitting a google-xml product-feed.


typically, the namespace is declared once before any items --

inline declarations are allowed by the standard but are not

a best-practice with respect to google xml product-feed.

the namespace details depend on both the external standard
and google's extension of the specific syndication standard
being submitted (rss,or atom) for a product-feed.


submitting namespace or prefix details improperly can result in errors --

or warnings if google tries to do the right thing, despite those issues.