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Google Merchant currency conversion EUR to USD, no problems with feed but NO IMPRESSIONS

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Hi everybody,


Short description of the problem: a feed with EUR currency is accepted for US market but campaign makes Zero Impressions.



we have been running for months a Google Shopping campaign for USA providing a feed with USD currency. This was hard to manage cause we are based in Europe and our store main currency is EURO, we display prices also in USD but they change according to current rate several times a day. Anyway, so far we have been able to manage changes and feed update with some extra effort.


We have been happy to see that recently google accepts also EURO currency for US market (and other markets like UK, Canada, etc.).


So, we created a feed with EURO prices, configured the shipping cost at account level with prices in EURO and submitted the feed. No problem, all items approved, both for shopping and display. BUT, after this modify our about 3000 impressions per day have fallen to zero impressions: campaign frozen.

No error of any kind is shown in merchant center.


We switched back to USD currency providing the same feed content where the only change was USD prices instead of EURO. Immediately the shopping ads are visible again.

To be secure that there was no other problem, we switched back and forth from EUR to USD, same feed, same products. Every time we switch to EURO the impressions go to zero. 


Any suggestion?

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Re: Google Merchant currency conversion EUR to USD, no problems with feed but NO IMPRESSIONS

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impressions are mainly determined by the bid and quality of
all submitted data, landing-pages, and other quality factors.


(1) the currency-conversion by google is an optional feature
that allows items to also display the appropriate price and
currency automatically when the shopping-ad is displayed --
without requiring a landing-page with a matching currency

and price.


note that not all target-countries or all currency-conversions are supported.


(2) the currency-conversion-feature still requires a separate
shopping-campaign with competitive bids, per target-country,
and a corresponding country feed with unique id values and

high enough (country-specific) quality, to win a slot in the ad

auctions -- if additional per-country targeting with impressions

and clicks are wanted.


the currency-conversion feature is not a substitute for quality or

relevance with respect to the submitted data or landing-pages

and winning available slots in the ad-auctions (impressions) --

the feature is more a tertiary, ancillary, convenience.


(3) the currency-conversion-feature does not, in any way, change
the landing-page requirements for shopping-ads -- a landing-page
price and currency must still match the submitted price and currency,
exactly, at all times, for all users, regardless of where a user is
physically located or any user-specific or location-based details.


generally, be certain that all submitted data meets all policies of
the target-country that the feed is registered, each target-country

feed has unique id values  per target-country -- e.g. abc123uk,

abc123fr, etc. a corresponding shopping-campaign is created

for each target-country feed, all items match a product-group

with a competitive bid for each target-country, and either (a)
the landing-page includes appropriate currency and exactly

matching prices, at all times, or (b) the currency-conversion

feature is used -- but not both.


otherwise, a merchant-center shopping-ads support-specialist
at google may be contacted directly, to look into all submitted
data, all landing-pages, and both accounts.


Google Merchant currency conversion EUR to USD, no problems with feed but NO IMPRESSIONS

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Currency conversion in Google Merchant is not effective at all as it stands. I recommend you go the extra mile and stick with a dedicated feed for the US market.


Currency conversion is very new and not very well implemented as it will favor local markets over foreign.

Even if you get listed, the price is shown both in the local currency and the native, which might put off allot of customers as they might prefer to buy locally rather than from another country.


From my tests, it's not effective and would not recommend using it. Google does not allow allot of impressions versus dedicated setups.

For all other merchants I recommend creating a dedicated data feed and have the landing page follow all relevant rules such as correct currency, native language / grammar etc...


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Google Merchant currency conversion EUR to USD, no problems with feed but NO IMPRESSIONS

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I go more in details, we are currently running 16 shopping campaigns in 16 countries.

The feed content is about the same and is considered valid in google merchant center.

So far we provided feeds with local currency (USD, CAD, AUD etc...) but as soon as our converted prices in website got updated items start to get disapproved until next feed. Indeed our prices currency is euro, all other currencies get auto-updated every day according to current currency market change, and we can't keep updating the feeds several times a day.


Beside the often updating, we had no problem of any kind until we decided to use the auto currency conversion and provide all our prices in EURO.

As said, our website main currency is EURO and according to google requirements we are not required to even have any other currency on website.

We noticed that campaigns where native currency is different than euros produce zero impressions.

Indeed new campaigns we launched in: New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa produced ZERO IMPRESSIONS in 2 weeks.

Old campaigns we had in USA (in USD), Canada (in CAD), UK (in GBP), pass from thousands of impressions with feed passed in native currency, to ZERO IMPRESSIONS with feeds passed in EURO.


This has nothing to do with feed quality, seller ranking, CPC etc... cause as soon as we upload a new feed to switch to native currency, impressions immediately appears. As soon as we upload a feed with EUR currency, campaign stops impressions.


We called customers support several times but they have no clue. The problem should e analyzed by google technicians to understand why google doesn't work as it claims in the currency autoupdate page:


Re: Google Merchant currency conversion EUR to USD, no problems with feed but NO IMPRESSIONS

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using the same feed for more than one target-country
is simply not allowed and is grounds for items being
removed, disapproval, or suspension, at any time.


generally, the currency-conversion feature cannot be used as a
substitute for separate per-country campaigns or landing-pages,
or the per-country landing-page and submitted-data requirements,
with respect to quality and relevance in the ad-auctions.


importantly perhaps, automated currency-conversion on a website, for most
types of items, is not allowed since google still requires the submitted price
and currency to match a landing-page, exactly, at all times, and is otherwise
grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.


any automated or automatic landing-page currency-conversion and

the new currency-conversion feature usually cannot be intermixed.


any tax or shipping submitted or set within the account
must also be valid and accurate for each target-country.


regardless, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts,
cannot directly evaluate any (new) feature with respect to a specific account,
and google is the final arbiter of all rules, policies, and requirements.


the best likely course would be to continue working directly with google --

sometimes, asking for a merchant-center shopping-ads specialist may help.


see also


Google Merchant currency conversion EUR to USD, no problems with feed but NO IMPRESSIONS

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Thanks for reply but this is only google not working as it claims.


For example we have a feed for Singapore, I am not required to have a landing page in SGD Singapore Dollars or even have it implemented in our website. Indeed we haven't. I should be able to list my items in English Language, Euro currency and upload this feed.

No errors after that, all items approved, but no impressions in campaign.


This is copy and paste from google help:


  • Products must be listed in English
  • Product landing pages must be in English
  • Product prices must be listed in Singapore Dollars (SGD)
    • Currency conversion supported: You might be able to use currency conversion to target this country using a different currency than SGD. Learn about currency conversion.


P.S. I have 16 separate campaigns, feeds, tax rules, shipping rules and so on... all is perfectly configured. 


Re: Google Merchant currency conversion EUR to USD, no problems with feed but NO IMPRESSIONS

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first, you're welcome and thank you for the clarification.


impressions are mainly determined by the merchant's bid and quality factors.


the lack of impressions and any disapproval may be unrelated --

a disapproval may happen at any time and be for multiple issues.


however, forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based
on the details that are posted here in the public help-forums.


generally, only a person at google can directly evaluate any new feature,
such as currency-conversion, with respect to a specific account and look
directly into any related details.


without such details, the best likely course would be to continue working
with google; as was indicated, asking for a merchant-center shopping-ads
support-specialist when contacting google directly may sometimes help.