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Google Merchant center disallows configurable products

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Hi I am fairly new to posting on this forum so please bare with me. I work for a company who uses magento as the feed for the website but unfortunately it keeps disallowing several of my products. Some of the products are configurable and I understand that merchant center wont allow them, I know they have to be made in certain formats but the way we have the products set is by radial buttons within one section for example,

If you select any of the options the URL doesn't change but once a selection is made magento knows to select the boxes clicked and to increase the value of the price. So my main question is how do I get merchant center to allow items like these to be added to the feed or even allowed? Also some of the products are disallowed because of the price, as magento has two price options one for display and actual price but if you put the same price in both fields it duplicates within the basket and charged as if there were two items being purchased.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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Google Merchant center disallows configurable products

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So when you submit a product, the price, title, image etc... all have to be essentially identical form the feed to the landing page.

Meaning when you submit a variant which is 125mm, the price is not the same. Yes you list the price on the checkbox, but Google requires the price to be for the variant you submit ie:£1.48 not £1.32

Also the checkbox needs to be preselected for that specific variant.


So in short, if you submit a variant, you need to make sure the price under the title is the same and not just the cheapest listed.

Also you list £1.32 while that is not available for order, which is another violation.


Hope it helps.

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Google Merchant center disallows configurable products

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First of all thank you so much for your reply, When I upload the product in question there is a format in magento for custom options and this is where i place my variants as well as the prices, it gives me the option to select an order and i always go with price low-high which is standard. As the custom option is used it allows me to upload the main product in question with variable options so I don't understand how I am meant to set the price as the one selected as it will duplicate within the basket, would it be best to leave to "display price" set to 0.00?

Google Merchant center disallows configurable products

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first, thank you for the link to the products' landing-page.


for shopping-ads, only physical, in stock, items are allowed to be submitted.

the price submitted for the physical inventory item,
the price displayed on the link landing-page, and the
default add-to-basket price, must all match exactly,
at all times, and must all include vat.


zero is never a valid price.

variant items -- physical items available in different sizes for example --
require a valid, identical, item_group_id for all such items and at least

one unique variant attribute, such as size, in the variant group, with
only one, single, variant value per variant attribute; e.g. 100mm

generally, only a physical item should be submitted, with a corresponding
landing-page, with only one, single, add-to-cart (variant) item on the page --
this is usually handled via url-parameters that preselects only one of the

in stock, inventory items, or a separate landing-page, per physical item.

if a script is used, rather than separate landing-pages,
be certain that the script is implemented server-side --
never client-side, such as with javascript or similar.

for magento, sending only simple, physical, in stock products,
with their visibility set to search may be one alternative, or

possibly only submit one of the physical inventory items, the

default on the page, with a proper matching price, rather than

all possible variants -- there is no requirement to submit all items;
regardless, to implement the (variant) requirements, both on the
landing-page and within the submitted data, the best likely course
would be to contact whoever is currently supporting the (magento)
e-commerce system, the developer of the site, and possibly also
ask within the magento community forums.

otherwise, there are other campaign-types and ad-formats
that may be a better fit for advertising certain types
of products, sites, or landing-pages, that cannot meet
all shopping-ad rules and policies --

see also


Google Merchant center disallows configurable products

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As mentioned in the first reply, the product information (this means the price as well), needs to be identical to the price submitted to Google. So no the price 0.00 is not ok.


As magento with configurable products have allot of complications when trying to submit to Google, you need to contact a web developer that knows there way around to make some changes to the feed and to the website.


First rule, always submit accurate data and always show the exact same information on the product landing page. There are plugins, management tools that can resolve this issue for variants, however a single page will be shown instead of a configurable. I recommend you delete the current data feed as you are in violation. And do some research on submitting the correct data to Google from Magento first.


If you don't do this, you are at risk of a suspension, depending on the severity of the issue might lead to a permanent suspension.


Alternatively only submit 1 main product of the cheapest that can be bought. Than you do not have to worry about what I mentioned.


Hope it helps.

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Google Merchant center disallows configurable products

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Thank you both for your help it is greatly appreciated and I will try and use your information to solve my issue