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Google Merchant account suspended

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Hello,My merchant account is suspended due to violation of feed specification: inaccurate shipping costs (due to inconsistent shipping costs between the feed and the landing page) and violation of feed specification: inaccurate tax information.The error is given but i don't able to understand that how can correct it.Which product shipping costs in feed is not matching with feed specification.I have near about 2000-3000 products.Please help me to solve this issue.I have attached the screenshot of error for better understanding.Please help me.Thank you in advanceIssue_Merchant_Store.PNG




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Google Merchant account suspended

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Check how you have setup the shipping costs, is it in the feed or in the account?

You need to setup a correct shipping costs in the data feed on a per product level or in GMC (google merchant center) Shipping Settings. Review your setup and correct the issue where it is inaccurate.

The shipping price needs to be ether accurate or an overestimate in GMC.


2) The tax is the same, ether apply the correct tax settings in the data feed or in GMC tax settings.


As we have no account access, we can't tell you what is wrong. You will need to check the data you submit yourself.


The first thing you need to do is see how you are submitting the info, is it in the feed? Yes, than check every product and make sure it is accurate. Is it GMC, than check all the settings and make sure it is accurate.


Once you have made the changes, request for an approval here :


Make sure you demonstrate you have resolved the issue, do not simply request for an approval if you have not done anything to fix it. As requesting for approval while nothing is resolved can lead to ether a delayed response, no response or a permanent suspension.


As we are forum members and not part of Google, please provide in depth information and screenshots of the issue, so that forum members can help.


Otherwise, contact Google directly for info :


Hope it helps.


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