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Google Merchant Multiple Countries

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Im trying to target multiple countries with my shopping campaign.

I added a primary feed and targeted 10 countries. I can see google already translated the price. This is following their instructions on the help section: 


If you would like to serve your product data in multiple countries, you can do so by adding a new country of sale in the Settings tab of the Primary Feeds section.

Before a single feed can connect to multiple countries of sale, it must meet the policy requirements of the new country.

To add a new country of sale:

  1. Go to the Feeds (AFM) section of Merchant Center
  2. Select the feed to which you want to add the new country of sale
  3. Click Add target
  4. Select the new country and language (if applicable)
  5. Click Add"


Now, when I create campaigns, I tried creating 3 campaigns. Aus (Which is where my domain is), Us, and Uk. They are created exactly the same. Uk and US are amongst the countries in my feed.

I get an error of violation of shopping requirements even though they are exactly the same approved products in AUS as it is the same feed. I went and check and none of the mandatory fields are missing (I do not have GTIN for some products but do have MPN and Brand for all of them). 


I also tried creating a new Feed, based on UK, and added the same products. I of course got the warning for duplicated products but on Adwords the message was the same. I'm at loss on what to do! 


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Re: Google Merchant Multiple Countries

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the u.s. and u.k. require separate shipping details set in the account;
the u.s requires tax set in the account -- even if tax is set to no tax.

otherwise, separate supplemental-feeds are required

for (a) u.k. shipping and (b) u.s. tax and shipping.

global-trade-data does not change; global-trade-data is for a physical
product, for global-trade, as assigned by the manufacturer -- and never
changes for a target-country; if gtin does not exist, be certain to remove
gtin, brand, and mpn, and submit identifier_exists set to no for that item;

if needed, the change is done in the original primary-feed and re-uploaded.

do not create a another primary-feed if google's automated-currency
conversion is set in the account and being used to target the other
countries -- that is a policy violation -- delete all those other feeds.

check the the processing-tab, the products-list-tab
and click on the item's title, and the diagnostics-tab,

within the merchant-center-account --  also, within

the ad-account, inspect the status column under the

products-tab -- for any additional details.


more generally --

there are two different ways to target another country for shopping-ads --
either google's automated-currency-conversion, or natively on a website.

(1) natively on a website --
natively on a website, requires separate landing-pages that are identical for
all users and do not change based on any ip-address or any other user-specific
information, such as user-agent or device -- yes, with a separate primary-feed;
for example, shopping-canada.txt, that reflects the website, exactly.

language and prices must be static and exact, for each target-country --
machine language translation, or merchant automated currency-conversion,
based on a user's location for example, are never allowed, in any context.

the separate web-pages may be implemented using different folders/directories,
or server-side-scripts with url-parameters, or separate top-level per-country
domains with a merchant-center-multi-client-account.

(2) using google's automated-currency-conversion feature --
google's automated-currency-conversion does not require any changes to the site
and does not require any separate feed, whatsoever; the same feed is used with
only a settings adjustment, in the merchant-center-account.

generally, the current choices are:
(a) use google's automated currency conversion -- no changes to the site;
(b) support the target-country natively on the site -- with separate pages;
(c) consider other campaign-types or ad-formats, other than shopping-ads,
to target other countries.


Google Merchant Multiple Countries

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Hey Celebird thanks for your help however I have settings for shipping and tax added already for UK and US, (Same way for all the countries). 

I've done it on Account level as I'm offering free shipping!

Google Merchant Multiple Countries

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and that's why I'm finding it so confusing. 
Google is converting the currency as you mentioned and all the products are approved in Google Merchant, however when we go to Ad Words, I created 3 campaigns and for UK and US the products are disapproved.

When i spoke to support on the phone, they mentioned they see something different (product is under review) but I am seeing Product dissaproved. I even cancelled the campaigns and created new ones and get the same thing. Approved for AUS dissaproved for UK and US. I'm tearing my hair off lol



Re: Google Merchant Multiple Countries

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first, you're welcome.


be certain that tax was set for the u.s and shipping was set

for each target-country being targeted and with respect to

the primary-feed -- the settings must align with the primary

feed and the counties being targeted.


verify the details by clicking on one of the google-converted items,

within the products-list tab, and inspecting the processed-tax-details,

and the shipping-rate-calculator, after setting a location within the 

country being targeted, under the calculator.


the data must be accurate for users in the targeted country,

after processing, as shown within the products-list-tab.


however, the shipping and tax issue was only one possible issue --

as was indicated, inspect both the merchant-center and the 

ad-account for any additional details related to the issues.


posting more specific details, here in public, such as a public url link 

to the feed, screen-captures of exactly what is being seen, account-settings 

details, screen-captures of a currency-converted item in the products-list 

tab, that shows both tax and shipping with respect to users within the 

targeted-country,  etc., may allow others to offer more specific suggestions.


otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact google.


Google Merchant Multiple Countries

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(a) new items for a target-country are typically re-reviewed

by google and naturally take 5-business-days or so to cycle

through the system; either awaiting review or disapproved

are typically seen initially until status is updated.


simply waiting 5-business-days may all that need be done --

especially if a person at google has indicated a review status.


(b) if a manual feed was ever created, that would be a violation --

be certain that the flagged items were not those submitted items; 

also be certain no such created feeds remain.


(c) be certain the disapproval was for the shopping-destination

and not for dynamic-ads -- both destinations use the same feed,

but countries may differ as to what is allowed.


(d) the product-status column, under the shopping-campaign,

typically has a view-details bubble, with a reason statement, 

and a clickable link to the potential issue's help-page -- posting

those details, in addition to any screen-captures of what is seen

in the merchant-center under the products-list-tab, for the other

countries shipping details, here in public, may allow others to

help offer more specific suggestions.


otherwise, the best likely course is to continue working directly with google.


Google Merchant Multiple Countries

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Thank you, I will wait.

Yes, they are all manual feeds via google sheets, the one that Google Merchant allows you to create. There is no other way to do it from Shopify if your store is not in USD (Mine is in AUD). I only found on API that kind of works, but then it doesn't support multi country even if I add them in settings at Google Merchant so it only publishes to Australia. 


Re: Google Merchant Multiple Countries

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a manual feed cannot be used --

the api cannot be used --

such data cannot be submitted, at all.


a store must be in usd to submit any such u.s. data.


as was indicated, any feed, such as a google-sheet,

cannot be used to target another country -- unless 

the currency and other country details match the 

current website's landing-page.


for example --

a usd currency and price must be static and have a separate landing-page;


then, and only then, would another feed be allowed for another target-country.


the same landing-page cannot be used for multiple target-countries -

that is not allowed and is a policy violation, regardless of how

the data may be submitted.


if the website does not currently meet all google's policies

for each target-country, then the only other choice is to use

the currency-conversion-settings in the existing primary-feed,

to target other countries -- not any additional primary-feed.


only google's currency-conversion-feature may be used --

unless a store supports the target-country properly with

the native currency and static prices.


sometimes, the currency-conversion-feature requires

a supplemental-feed for just shipping information --

but not any other primary-feed.


otherwise, such a disapproval would be expected.


google's currency-conversion-feature is

simply a setting under the primary-feed.



Google Merchant Multiple Countries

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Thanks again Celebird

Yes, I used google currency conversion as my store has a currency convertor at the top but no dedicated page.

So step by step:
(1) I created a "Google Sheet" feed, and added 5 products, in AUD, with all the mandatory fields

(2) On my Feed settings, I added 10 countries and allowed google to use currency conversion. 

(3) On my Account settings, I created shipping rules for each of this 10 countries, plus a Tax rule (Non taxable) for the US. All of these were created first in the country currency, but gave me an error, so I realized, I needed to create them all in AUD, as my feed is in AUD. It worked, all my products were successful for each of the countries. (P.s. All of them are the same, Flat rate, 0AUD - free shipping)

(4) On Adwords I created first 1 campaign for AUD with target 10 countries , all good and approved (Although not really serving many impressions, but I am aware this could be the CPC or product) and then I created one for UK and US, and am getting the violation - although as discussed it could be the products need to manually approved in 5 days.


Am I missing something? I will create the 5 days.

One thing I've noticed when targeting countries to display ads is that Google gives you the following example: 
A store owner that ships to US and Canada could choose both countries. In this case, wouldn't a AU campaing targeted 10 countries suffice? This part is also really getting me.

Thanks again heaps for your help. 

Re: Google Merchant Multiple Countries

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first, you're welcome again and thank you for the clarifications.


on the surface, that all sounds ok and simply waiting,

may be all that is needed -- after that, working with 

google directly is the best likely course.


a best-practice is usually to add only one, single, country --

to verify all the details and outcomes -- before adding more,

using the same similar process.


(a) automated-currency conversion, on a website, is not allowed by google --

only google's automated-currency conversion may be used for shoppng-ads.


the -- aud -- price must be identical for all users, who land on the page,

regardless where the person is located, or is otherwise a policy violation 

and grounds for disapproval or suspension from the program, at any time.


a drop-down currency-converter is allowed -- but never automated upon landing.


(b) all data submitted is funneled into the same linked ad-account --

each item is filtered or segmented based only on attributes; the country

attribute, as seen under the products-list-tab, must match the selected

country-of-sale within the shopping-campaign, otherwise the item-offer

cannot be properly bid on and targeted for shopping-ads.


other campaign-types and ad-formats do not have such country filtering.