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Google Merchant Feed in multiple languages

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I've been searching around for quite a while, and I can't find any good resources on how to create a multi language feed for Google's Merchant Center.

The target country is luxembourg (same country, same currency, same taxes) and the target languages are german and french.


Should I create a feed per language, and submit it two times with the right language? In the past when I submitted a product twice in different feeds (happended by accident), it complained about duplicate products.


Or should I submit one feed where the language is somehow encoded inside the field names, like name_de or name_fr?


Kind regards

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Re: Google Merchant Feed in multiple languages

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If you want to target a country using the native language then you must do the following.

Website language / product landing page in the native language and the currency of the native language. Contact details and policies must also be in the native language
Then do the same for the data feed.

If this is not possible, then simply submit the feed in English with your default currency and in Google Merchant Center feed settings, click on add countries.
Here you can add more countries, but you are using the English language and the currency will be automatically changed.

There is a big difference in performance between the two. The first one will give you maximum possible impressions if your data feed is of high quality.

If you use Google's auto currency conversion, you will get around 10% or less possible impressions.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Google Merchant Feed in multiple languages

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please note: if google's language-requirements differ for the target-country
and google's optional automated-currency-conversion-feature is used --
i.e. in google-merchant-center, feed settings, click on add countries --
then a supplemental-feed or feed-rule must be used to update the
product-data, with human-translation, for all language-dependent
attributes; most especially title and description.

google's currency-conversion-option simply removes language-requirements,

and removes the static-price-currency-requirements, for the website, and

therefore, removes the need for a new primary-feed, for the target-country --

however, if a different language is required by google, then the language

details must still be updated, but using only a supplemental-feed/feed-rule.