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Google Merchant Current item Issues for Shopping Ads

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Hello, I am brand new to google shopping so please bear with me. I have a couple of questions...


When searching for a product on Google, a few items show up on top. Are these the paid ads, or does it cost money for all of the items when someone clicks the shopping tab on Google as well?


I set up an adwords account using adwords express. I also linked my adwords to my Google shopping. Is the adwords express budget also count towards Google Shopping or are those different ads? If so, how do I set up a budget for Google Shopping Ads.


Lastly I have a few warnings on a couple of my items, will this disallow all my items from showing up in ads or only the ones with warnings? (I am talking about the red triangle warnings)


Thank you in advance

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Google Merchant Current item Issues for Shopping Ads

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(a) shopping-ads may appear atop or aside google-search-results --
these are labeled as sponsored, in the upper-right-hand-corner;

(b) a link, such as shop-on-google, that leads to google-shopping,
does not count as a click -- the link must lead to the merchant's
website link landing-page, to count as a paid click.

all items seen within google-shopping are shopping-ads.

(c) the cost for shopping-ads is per click -- cost-per-click.

(d) adwords-express cannot be used for shopping-ads --
a shopping-campaign with product-groups and a separate
budget are required.

(e) warnings usually should not be ignored -- whether or not
a warning disallows all, or some, items from participating in

the shopping-ad auctions, depends on the type of warning

and the related details.

forum-members cannot look into any accounts --
the best likely course would be to contact a
person at google so someone can look directly
into the account.

see also